Beach, Beach, Beach!

It was still a windy day but 30 degrees Celcius. Just perfect. Jo-Ann and I met car rental representative in the lobby to get the paperwork completed. We had a Nissan Micra with air conditioning, but likely wouldn’t be needing it with the breeze today. The front desk gave us a map and recommended theContinue reading “Beach, Beach, Beach!”

Hey Bus Driver, Slow Down A Little Bit!

Night time turn down service is accompanied by a tasty sweet. When we arrived, we had candied figs in our fridge. Yummy! We all woke up and headed to breakfast around 9:00ish. Sleep was amazing. I was awoken by the mourning doves on the roof. A shotgun would have been handy. The atmosphere here isContinue reading “Hey Bus Driver, Slow Down A Little Bit!”

Salesmenship 101 – Turkish Style

What a vibrant, colourful city! Jennifer decided to stay on board as she hurt her knee tripping over a cement planter and she had already been to Kusadasi. Jo-Ann and Yordie ventured off the boat. I had a leisurely breakfast and decided to take a stroll through the market later on. Like many of theContinue reading “Salesmenship 101 – Turkish Style”