Fall From Grace

Sotiris played his music for us again last night. We danced and sang the night away. It was hard saying goodbye to him as he was is so sweet. We met his friends who are lovely people and fellow musicians and a DJ. Although it was very windy, it didn’t deter us from enjoying ourselves. … More Fall From Grace

In Utopia

I can’t believe I am almost 3 days behind on the blog. It must mean I am relaxing and enjoying myself. Let’s just say, that is an understatement. If you are looking for an amazing experience, come to the Myconian Utopia Resort on the island of Mykonos, Greece. It is an amazing experience. The ladies … More In Utopia

Beach, Beach, Beach!

It was still a windy day but 30 degrees Celcius. Just perfect. Jo-Ann and I met car rental representative in the lobby to get the paperwork completed. We had a Nissan Micra with air conditioning, but likely wouldn’t be needing it with the breeze today. The front desk gave us a map and recommended the … More Beach, Beach, Beach!


Great news, we have 965 views of this blog. I look forward to breaking 1000. Thanks to all our followers! Jennifer stayed on board while the rest of us explored the Old Town. Yes there are many touristy shops, etc. But the remains of the medieval town and the history here is incredible. This is … More Rhodes

Ship Ahoy!

We were picked up right on time and they sent an appropriate sized vehicle. No need to strap any of us on top of the vehicle. We arrived on time at the port, checked in and made it through the public health nurses. When we arrived at passport control is when the fun started. As … More Ship Ahoy!