Norma, I want to be like you when I grow up!

This is a beautiful story of perseverance and inspiration. When I saw this story on Facebook, I had to share. I love her philosophy, “Do what you want to do, and you’ll be okay!”

Being diagnosed with terminal uterine cancer at 90, two days after your loving partner passes away would cause many of us to give up, but not Miss Norma! What did she decide to do? She decided to live!

She bypassed the chemo treatments and headed out on fabulous RV adventure with her son, and his wife for the past year. Their Facebook page chronicled her travels with half a million followers. What an inspiration.

Unfortunately Norma passed away on September 30, but her spirit lives on. Asked how she wanted to be remembered. Norma asked that we spread joy by sharing her story.

Check out Norma’s story

Congratulations Miss Norma for inspiring us to live! I want to be you when I grow up!





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