Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port, France

Well kids the honeymoon is over and back to reality! I am so ready! I put in a horrible night sleep due to the partygoers on the street in front of the hotel. Last check 4:00 am. Up at 9:00 am had breakfast, checked out and headed with my wheelie duffel bag up the cobbleContinue reading “Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port, France”

Kicked Out Of Better Places

Legs stretching under fresh linen washed in the scent of luxurious lavender with freshly brewed coffee wafting through my window. I smile once again and then chuckle because in 2 sleeps this little piece of heaven will be a distant memory. Replacing the linen sheets will be a sleeping bag liner, and the smells andContinue reading “Kicked Out Of Better Places”

Travel day – Biarritz

The flight to Paris was basically uneventful which is the way you want it. Here’s my feedback to Air Transat. The food is barely edible! I get saving money but a dried up sandwich. They don’t give you mini-bottles of wine anymore. They certainly don’t come around for refills. We were able to smell theContinue reading “Travel day – Biarritz”

Going for a walk

One week from today, I will begin my solo quest to walk 800 km across the north of Spain on the Camino Frances (The Way of St. James). My starting point will be St. Jean Pied de Port, France and if all goes well, 35 days later I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.Continue reading “Going for a walk”