I had planned to stay in Astorga for another day but you get into the routine and it is hard to change so I got up early and headed out. I walked past the Plaza Mayor and Gaudi’s Palencia and is it beautiful in the morning light. There was a cool church with the map to … More Rabanal


I was the last to leave the hostal this morning. I debated sending my backpack ahead and walking or checking out the bus situation to Sagahun or Leon. In went down to the cafe and found a few ladies I knew having breakfast. We discussed the possibilities and considering the weather the bus was the … More Leon

The Bed Race

The pension in Burgos I stayed in was on the opposite side of where the Camino trail begins and 6:30 am I am on the road with a 21 km trek ahead of me. Nothing is open so no breakfast and it is 7.5 km to the next town for coffee. The city has good … More The Bed Race


Maria and I were chatting about what will be possible with the time left. I will have to skip from Logroño to Burgos. Today I took a bus to Burgos which was fun. I bought a ticket for the 11:45 am bus and met a couple of Italian peregrinas travelling to Burgos also. I had … More Burgos