Pork Belly and the Blues

If you thought Day 1 and 2 were busy and full of good eats, Day 3 is for champions! Up early with a cup of hot coffee, reheated deep dish and jalepeno poppers. I mean you couldn’t throw it out! We lazed around for a little bit. This down time was welcomed because we knewContinue reading “Pork Belly and the Blues”

Roana eats her way through Chicago

Today is full of activity. You have to make the best use of the time you have for an extended weekend. The Starbucks lady butchered my name and when they called Roana, we howled. For the rest of the day I had Rosanna replaced with Roana as an ear worm. First up was the architecturalContinue reading “Roana eats her way through Chicago”

Taking Chicago by storm

We hit Chicago at rush hour so the trip was a little longer than planned but overall quite pleasant. As we sat in traffic, we cheerfully chatted with Syed, our driver, and glanced at the downtown skyline framed with blue skies and cirrus clouds. We are here Chicago! This is going to be fun! MadeContinue reading “Taking Chicago by storm”

Chicago, Chicago!

Months ago I came across an advert for an underground cooking competition that wraps up in Chicago. 5 chefs will compete to receive the Grand Cochon trophy. Calling up my foodie cousin Shannon to see if there was any interest, she jumped on the bandwagon and here we are flying off to Chicago. Shannon theContinue reading “Chicago, Chicago!”