I love you, or what is your name?

My morning started with this lovely cappuccino on the rooftop patio. The waiter came over and said he made this one special for me. Probably says that to all the girls but it still felt nice.  This city makes you feel beautiful.  Another blue sky day 27 degrees. It is a free day today, soContinue reading “I love you, or what is your name?”

1 More Sleep!

Packing is going well. I just need to throw my clothes into the suitcase. It’s looking like I’ll be a lightweight this time. That’s good because I will need room for a new purse and shoes! Here’s the 21 day itinerary: Italy (Rome, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti Region, Cinque Terre) Greece (Athens, Patmos, Rhodes,Continue reading “1 More Sleep!”

Did you hear the one about the Newfies, the Englishwoman …

The girls are getting excited. Jo-Ann (Yordie’s sister) is flying in on Wednesday from St. John’s, Newfoundland as a precaution. Newfoundland can get fogged in at this time of year and we need her to make our flight on Friday. It will be nice for her to spend some extra time with family. There isContinue reading “Did you hear the one about the Newfies, the Englishwoman …”

Getting Ready – 33 More Sleeps

I can’t believe our trip is approaching so quickly. I have to say it is with mixed emotions. I would be remiss in not mentioning Janice. We lost our dear friend Janice (Sprout) to cancer on July 29th. She was supposed to be kicking off her retirement with this trip. She was an amazing travelContinue reading “Getting Ready – 33 More Sleeps”