A Blessing 

Waking to the sound of the cathedral church bells was beautiful. Stretching my legs under fresh linen sheets – A simple pleasure? Knowing you don’t have to get up–awesome! LOL There were three tasks I had to accomplish today: 1. Obtain my Compostela (certificate of completion) 2. Pick up my bag with extra clothes that … More A Blessing 

A dream fulfilled

Talk about excitement this morning! It was a bit of a fitful sleep with a belly of queimada and anticipation for the final leg of my  journey. I would start in Amanal today and called a taxi to take me there. Funny enough, I had the same taxi driver as I did the night before. … More A dream fulfilled


I left out Ribadiso because it was almost not worth mentioning except I met this lovely girl named Nausica from Italy. I’m sure I have misspelled her name but she was such a sweet, kind girl who reminded me of a taller version of Penelope Cruz. We chatted about my goal of 25 km and … More Ribadiso

Mice Houses

I was walking up the street thinking that I am so close to my goal. If you had asked me if I would have made it on day one after that horrible climb to Orisson, I would have  told you, no way! I had bit off more than I could chew. My knees don’t bend, … More Mice Houses


We are now officially in Galicia and if you ever get a chance to see this part of soon, please do! It is so green, and beautiful. Ivy covers trees and walls and the light shines beautifully through. John taught me the Japanese word for sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees “komorebi”. It’s … More Sarria