Cacabelos (Cabbage or Beautiful Poo)

It seems the Camino likes to test you early with a hill when you leave, and that is exactly what Ponferrada did. I slept quite well last night and so my Camino legs were ready for the day. My poles were moving with a boing-boing-boing as the rubber tips bounced off the asphalt. The skiesContinue reading “Cacabelos (Cabbage or Beautiful Poo)”

Cruz de Ferro > Acebo > Ponferrada

Leaving Rabanal was difficult for me. I loved the feel of this village and its people but today will be a milestone – Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross). It is such a beautiful day and today I will ceremoniously release the rocks I’ve been carrying since the beginning to represent burdens I have been carrying.Continue reading “Cruz de Ferro > Acebo > Ponferrada”

Astorga – Shoulda listened to my body

The evening in Hospital de Óbrigo was an emotional one. I’m not sure if it was the peacefulness of the albergue or the fact I was alone and in pain but the hospitalera was so kind and listened while I jabbered on about mom and life in general. She was good at her job. Hospitaleros trainContinue reading “Astorga – Shoulda listened to my body”

Fromista > Carrion De Los Condes

The walk to Fromista was lovely and a little shorter today for me. I’m glad as I need to find a farmacia to refill Zantac and ibuprofen medicine. I switched out my hiking boots for my HOKA shoes and OMG what a difference. The gravel pathways were starting to get a bit much for myContinue reading “Fromista > Carrion De Los Condes”