Logroño- Pinxtos and Vino

Getting ready for me this morning was so slow. Diana and Iris headed out separately and after doctoring my feet I believe I was the second to last pilgrim to leave the albergue after breakfast. Even my South Korean roommates were able to get out ahead of me. Today would be a shorter walk, and theContinue reading “Logroño- Pinxtos and Vino”

A Day of Gratitude – Viana

Experiencing a trip like this with so many cultural differences and hosted by such a beautiful country made me feel so grateful.  I decided today I would be purposeful and look for things to be grateful about. For the first time, I jumped out of bed early and got myself out on the road byContinue reading “A Day of Gratitude – Viana”

Alto del Perdon >Puente la Reina

684 kilometres to Santiago After a hearty breakfast of tortilla and cafe con leche, it was time to conquer Alton de Perdon. Like a major project, tackling some of these hills requires breaking the exercise into smaller tasks. I have been finding the uphill climbs easier but the downhills are punishing on my knees. AltoContinue reading “Alto del Perdon >Puente la Reina”

Roncesvalles to Zubiri – this wasn’t in the guidebook!!!

All the preparation in the world can’t prepare you for what Mother Nature will throw at you, but today she decided to bless us with awesome weather. 23 and sunny! We stopped in Burgete for tortilla and a cafe con leche. It was delicious. Picking up some supplies, we hit the road. Earlier, I metContinue reading “Roncesvalles to Zubiri – this wasn’t in the guidebook!!!”

Orisson – That beer is going to taste so good!

After breakfast and all geared up I ventured out onto the cobblestone street of St Jean Pied de Port and headed towards the town gate where the Camino Frances begins. I visited the church and lit a candle for mom. As you may or may not know, I’m dedicating this walk in honour of momContinue reading “Orisson – That beer is going to taste so good!”

One Foot in Front of the Other – The Journey Begins

3 more hours and I take my first step on the Camino Frances out of St Jean Pied de Port, France. Tomorrow I will be in Spain 😁 Church bells are signaling 7:00 am and half of the inn’s patrons have already left. It was 0 degrees and raining last night, and this morning isContinue reading “One Foot in Front of the Other – The Journey Begins”