O’Cebreiro to Oh No!

The view from O’Cebreiro is gorgeous. It reminded me of Switzerland with its lovely green hills, dotted with villages. Today would be another climb, and let’s face it, after you have conquered O’Cebreiro, the rest should be easy. I feel good today and head to the restaurant for a coffee and something for my emptyContinue reading “O’Cebreiro to Oh No!”

La Portela > O Cebreiro

Life can’t always be rainbows and puppies although I would love to live in that world if only for the puppies. ūüėČ I stayed in a private room in La Portela which was fine except for the rain, and thunder and lightening and lack of food. Once I checked in, I heard a happy voiceContinue reading “La Portela > O Cebreiro”

Cacabelos (Cabbage or Beautiful Poo)

It seems the Camino likes to test you early with a hill when you leave, and that is exactly what Ponferrada did. I slept quite well last night and so my Camino legs were ready for the day. My poles were moving with a boing-boing-boing as the rubber tips bounced off the asphalt. The skiesContinue reading “Cacabelos (Cabbage or Beautiful Poo)”

Cruz de Ferro > Acebo > Ponferrada

Leaving Rabanal was difficult for me. I loved the feel of this village and its people but today will be a milestone – Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross). It is such a beautiful day and today I will ceremoniously release the rocks I’ve been carrying since the beginning to represent burdens I have been carrying.Continue reading “Cruz de Ferro > Acebo > Ponferrada”

Astorga – Shoulda listened to my body

The evening in Hospital de √ďbrigo was an emotional one. I’m not sure if it was the peacefulness of the albergue or the fact I was alone and in pain but the hospitalera was so kind and listened while I jabbered on about mom and life in¬†general. She was good at her job. Hospitaleros trainContinue reading “Astorga – Shoulda listened to my body”