Jo-Ann Finds Jesus!

Ferrari store






Blessed by the Pope
Blessed by the Pope



We asked a waiter how to get to The Spanish Steps, a popular meeting place for citizens of Rome as well as visitors. A small flower market takes place at the base of the steps every day. In the spring, azaleas and other flowering plants decorate the steps. The Steps have been featured in many films and have been the subject of countless paintings and photographic studies.

The 15 minute walk turned into 45 minutes as we stopped and gawked at the beautiful designer stores that are at the base of the steps. Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton to drop a few names. Purses, and shoes, and dresses, oh my!

We made it to the base of The Steps and the boat-shaped fountain was being restored. Time to work up and appetite. We began the ascent of The Steps, all 138 of them, took some photos and then down we came. By then, we were hot, sticky and hungry. Time to find a taxi to grab some dinner.

Jennifer had a clipping from the Globe and Mail on restaurants we should visit. Urbana 47 was close to our hotel so that is where we decided to eat. We walked down this dark street passing a few tavernas and dodging cars and motorbikes until we found it. There were a few tables outside and inside was stuffy, but everyone seemed happy. We asked for a table outside and they placed two metal tables together and threw 4 chairs around it. Here we sat for the next couple of hours eating, drinking and chatting about our day. The food is all local and much of it is organic. First, the thirst-quenching beer was very cold and had an interesting almost brown sugar after-taste. The wine, a Montepulciano red was spectacular. Jen and I had a meal of spaghettini with Pecorino cheese and pepper sauce. OMG it was amazing. It needed nothing, perfection.

Yordie and Jo-Ann had ravioli stuffed with smoked eggplants and provola on fresh tomato sauce. They raved about it.

We laughed while we recounted our day in between bites. I checked in with the girls to see what they thought of the trip so far. The funniest moment was when our non-denominational Jo-Ann told us that next to having her children, today was the most special day of her life. She was totally overwhelmed about seeing Pope Francis and it surprised even her. She was giggling like a schoolgirl who had just seen her teen idol, or Donna meeting George Clooney. LOL I get it, as it was awesome, and that moment is to be cherished. She said even after hours of being in St. Peter’s Square, she still had goosies. Everyone is having a great time.

Our taste buds were dancing and the portions were so perfect we had room for dessert. Not just any dessert, but Tiramisu in a cup. Another OMG moment as fluffy mascarpone cheese, milk, eggs and sugar had been whipped into clouds of awesome and gently placed on a bed of caffe soaked biscuit. Honestly, we were shouting to the rafters that this was the best tiramisu we had tasted!

Dinner for 4 with a focaccia appetizer and 2 bottles of wine 116 euros. Definitely a recommend, here’s the link:

We made the 15 minute walk back to our hotel and turned in for the night. We commented on how safe the streets were. Tomorrow, we are considering venturing to The Coliseum via public transit.


3 thoughts on “Jo-Ann Finds Jesus!

  1. wow how I wish I were there. It sounds like so much fun and the food and wine. I’m afraid that I would probably have to book two seats coming back. As for the writer of this blog if you are intending on one day writing a book I will be the first in line to purchase it. Your flair for writing is magnificant.

    JoAnn you seem to be having a great time. All the pictures of you have nothing but a big smile across your face. This is just what the Dr. ordered. Continue to enjoy with Yordie and friends.

    hugs and kisses Pat


  2. Oh my gosh! A trip of a lifetime I would say! I could not be happier for you, Jo-Anne and gals. The meal sounds amazing! I love leisurely dinners with fabulous food and lots of wine! As for Jo-Anne finding Jesus, I almost fell off the couch! HAHAHA! How very lucky that you were able to see Pope Francis! I have to echo Pat’s sentiments about this wonderful writing. I look forward to reading more!! Enjoy, lovely ladies!


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