Welcome to Rubbing Elbows With The World. I invite you to join me on my adventures around the world and immerse yourself in the stories about the places I visit and the people I meet.  I am a professional travel writer and a member of Journeywoman. I enjoy budget travel as much as upscale, and getting out into the fresh air to explore new corners of the world. These exploits will likely work up an appetite for a delicious meal accompanied by a spirited glass of bubbly. Hey, a girl has to eat!

The stories I share will form part of a women’s solo travel book down the road and I welcome any tips you may have. Solo senior travel is growing and if anything, I would like to have an impact on those damn single supplements we get stuck with.

More importantly, I want to challenge my readers to move outside of their comfort zone by taking a trip on their own or try something they haven’t done before. I will write it from a woman’s point of view and will show you what to expect, provide insights on safety, costs, and other considerations for an enjoyable trip. I am open to suggestions on topics, etc. so feel free to interact with me.

The world is at your doorstep, and it’s time to step over that threshold. Join me on my next adventure. Cheers!



  1. Hi Donna, so happy for you that you are following your dreams and doing this pilgrimage! Wow, what a hike. I hope your knee and toe feel better after some resting – and glad you’re squeezing in some vino inbetween. Hugs! – Rose


    • Hey Rose, always have time for vino. I wish I could have shared the experience I had tonight. It was so yummy. Patatas Brava with aioli, pimientos pardon, pulpo, and ensalada mixta with abriokanwine and finished off with Conjuro de Queimara Gallega. OMG SPECTACULAR!


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