Taking Chicago by storm

We hit Chicago at rush hour so the trip was a little longer than planned but overall quite pleasant. As we sat in traffic, we cheerfully chatted with Syed, our driver, and glanced at the downtown skyline framed with blue skies and cirrus clouds. We are here Chicago! This is going to be fun! Made … More Taking Chicago by storm

Chicago, Chicago!

Months ago I came across an advert for an underground cooking competition that wraps up in Chicago. 5 chefs will compete to receive the Grand Cochon trophy. Calling up my foodie cousin Shannon to see if there was any interest, she jumped on the bandwagon and here we are flying off to Chicago. Shannon the … More Chicago, Chicago!

A Blessing 

Waking to the sound of the cathedral church bells was beautiful. Stretching my legs under fresh linen sheets – A simple pleasure? Knowing you don’t have to get up–awesome! LOL There were three tasks I had to accomplish today: 1. Obtain my Compostela (certificate of completion) 2. Pick up my bag with extra clothes that … More A Blessing 

A dream fulfilled

Talk about excitement this morning! It was a bit of a fitful sleep with a belly of queimada and anticipation for the final leg of my  journey. I would start in Amanal today and called a taxi to take me there. Funny enough, I had the same taxi driver as I did the night before. … More A dream fulfilled


I left out Ribadiso because it was almost not worth mentioning except I met this lovely girl named Nausica from Italy. I’m sure I have misspelled her name but she was such a sweet, kind girl who reminded me of a taller version of Penelope Cruz. We chatted about my goal of 25 km and … More Ribadiso