Day 4 – Crossing the Arctic Circle / Bodø

January 14, 2022 @ 7:48 am we sailed across the Arctic Circle. We gathered outside on the back of Deck 7 with music and waited for the ship’s captain to sound the horn to make it official. It was such a thrill and we all let out a huge whoop! Needless to say it was cold and windy.

The Arctic Circle is identified by an island with a green flashing light. Nothing to see here folks! It was dark, but the mood was light marked with a champagne toast.

Green light on island marking the Arctic Circle

Marking the crossing of the Arctic Circle with a champagne toast with Yordie

Next was the baptism by ice water to make it official with a ladle of ice water poured inside your back collar by a Norse god. As it trickled down each person’s back they let out a screech. The morning wake up was followed by a shot of schnapps. Later in the day certificates were delivered as an official remembrance document. We also gathered around 10:30 am to announce the winner of the Arctic Circle lottery. The Expedition team does a stellar job of engaging the passengers. They provide education and information segments and deliver them in an entertaining, engaging way.

Ice bath from Norse god and schnapps shot

We decided to get off the ship in Bodø and explore the town on our own. Equipped with ice cleats, I was able to walk with confidence on the solid ice. This was a marked improvement from Trondheim. It was a 10 minute walk into town. Hills are to be expected when in towns and Bodø was no exception.

Bodø had some terrific street art. See below:

On the way back from our walk, we had our first snow flurry.

Bodø, I messed up the pronunciation of this town but think I have it correct now. (Boo-dah) This town was cute and had remnants of Christmas lights strung through trees that made it look magical against the gray arctic skies. Only 4 hours of daylight but it creates lovely shadows and sky colours.

It’s Boo-dah not Bo-doh Apologies to the town folk.

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