Day 6 – Honningsvåg / Nordkapp (North Cape)

On a whim I booked the excursion to the North Cape (Nordkapp in Norwegian) considered the most northernmost point in Europe at 71.1695° N, 25.7832° E. I knew if I missed this photo opportunity, I would regret it. Yordie would also join me.

We docked in Honningsvåg and hopped on a bus where we proceeded to travel to the North Cape. I was so excited. The driver took the turns quite fast for icy snow conditions but obviously had experience. The road was extremely narrow but none of this seemed to bother the driver. Just last week, the bus was unable to get to the North Cape due to ice, snow and wind. A snowblower is attached to the front of huge vehicles and many times there is a convoy of buses that follow the plough and that is the only way they can reach the North Cape at times. We are fortunate the weather is still cooperating. -5C and windy.

The landscape is beautiful and as we dipped through valleys and wound around mountains, I wondered how people survive in this harshness. In the summer there are reindeer here but they would starve in the winter as their hooves would not fair well on the ice nor would they be able to break the ice to feed. This contradicts the Santa and his reindeer stories. In the summer, however, you will find herds the Sami people bring over.

When we arrived, we made our way to the globe structure and had our pictures taken by Rachel, one of our cruise mates. It was at that moment I decided to do a Facebook Live. Thanks for the interaction. It was fun.

We watched a beautiful film and afterwards the sun had gone down enough that the glove was lit up so we ran down and took some more pictures.

North Cape at dusk
Video taken as the sun was going down

We headed back to Honningsvåg in darkness and sailed away to the next port.


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