Day 5 – Tromsø – Laundry Day

This was a lazy day. We even slept in for a bit. We bought tokens for the washing machine. Soap is included in the washers and the dryers are free so we needed one each. It is nice knowing you can wash your clothes which means you don’t have to pack as much. Yordie has hers done before lunch and I did mine in the afternoon.

We had been going at a quick pace so decided to rest and enjoy the beautiful view of downtown Tromsø with the Arctic Cathedral. We were hoping to attend a midnight concert, but the singers have not reached an agreement since the pandemic. Singers on strike? Interesting. I am disappointed as it would have been a beautiful concert.

Resting was exactly what we needed. It was a lovely, relaxing day. It’s good to take time to chill even on vacation. Always something to do, or someone to chat with or something to eat!!

Arctic Cathedral from the wster

This is the 130th anniversary of Hurtigruten and so passengers gathered in the Panoramic Lounge to bid on sea maps, flags and visits to the bridge. It was conducted in an entertaining way. Lots of laughs. An old rescue suit went for 300 NOK. Catarina (Expedition team) modelled it for us. The proceeds go to the Hurtigruten Foundation where they fight climate change, strengthen local communities, and stop unsustainable mass tourism. It was a fun evening full of laughs. I made a few bids but just lost out. I was trying to win a bridge visit for Yordie! ☹️

Catalina modelling the vintage rescue suit.

Oh and by the way, I saw the northern lights (aurora borealis) faint but colourful tonight.Did you know that as your eyes age it takes longer for your eyes to adjust to the dark? This from particles colliding with our atmosphere from flares on the sun. The colours are gas particles interacting with our atmosphere. Green is the most common and represents oxygen gas particles.

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  1. Thanks for taking us along on the journey- the cathedral is the beacon of that landscape. Hope the strike allows you enjoy the beauty of their voices. Sure it would be goosebump worthy!

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