Day 2 – Ålesund – Chasing Coats

Back in Bergen the weather was a drizzle and we spotted several women wearing these cool rain ponchos. Yordie conducted an internet search and discovered they could be found in Ålesund, our next port of call. We were on a mission.

The ship is sailing by incredible scenery. My camera doesn’t do it justice. Snow-capped mountains and terrain that looks like it is covered in sifted icing sugar. The water and sky are almost the same grey colour. It is 6C as we head to Ålesund. Our kayaking adventure was cancelled due to high winds which was a little disappointing but not the end of the world.

Ålesund, population 40,000, is famous for its art deco architecture and colourful houses and it did not disappoint. It is gorgeous and is considered one of the prettiest towns in Norway.

We wandered around looking at the beautiful buildings and decided to see if we could find the outlet mall. Turns out it was too far out of town and we wouldn’t be able to get there and back before the ship departed. Off we went for a cappuccino and something cinnamon-y. I’ve been testing cinnamon buns from different towns. Ålesund is leading the contest.

We walked along a different port area and turned down a street or should I say climbed a street where I saw this cool building with daisy motifs and on the opposite corner was a theatre with a medieval turret. We spot a group of teenagers turning the corner and walking swiftly down the street. Before words could escape my mouth, Yordie excitedly exclaims and points at a girl wearing the poncho in the colour she wanted. She ran down the hill after this group of teenagers yelling “Excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME!” She chased them down as I laughed hysterically. I told you we were on a mission. I caught up to them and Yordie found out the store was a block away. What luck! Way to go Yordie!! Thank you to the helpful teenagers who stopped to help. People have been so kind and helpful

Off we went to find the store. It took another hill climb, a turnaround because the GPS wasn’t cooperating and a walk through a mall to get to the store. The salesperson was extremely helpful. We tried on various colours, while he provided advice on what looked good on us. Ring it up baby! MISSION COMPLETE!


  1. Hello Donna! So sorry I didn’t see your emails! I hope had a good time in Trondheim last week. Did you see our beautiful cathedral? You should plan to come here to Olavsfest once – and we have a lot if pilgrims coming here from June to September. As a volonteer I am helping in receiving them. I talked with Torbjørg last week – she has cancer – serious. Håkon will be 90 in March – he is well, but for some years now see very badly. Dagrun has a lot to do at home with a sick husband. I am going to Spain with a group in May – 11 days pilgrimage. I would love to meet you on Saturday when you are in Trondheim if it is possible. My email address is and tel +47 97597780. Vigdis

    Sendt fra min iPhone

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