Almost Perfect Travel Day

Today was basically an event free travel day. When does that happen? If I had a complaint, it would be that the Lufthansa priority line didn’t make me feel I was a priority. The Toronto to Frankfurt flight was amazing. We had lots of leg room, a great entertainment system as well as delicious, hot meals. I’m afraid I cannot fly economy ever again. I’m spoiled.

Frankfurt airport required us to go through passport control which was a hot mess re crowd control. Three international flights arrived simultaneously and passengers tried cutting the line. This only served to irritate the officer who hunted down offenders. His thick German accent and booming voice stopped me in my tracks and I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Next was security which was worse but it just meant we had less time to wait for our connecting flight to Oslo. We arrived 2 hours later where we did a happy dance because our luggage arrived with no issue. We had pre-purchased train tickets to the city centre and for approximately $12 each and was downtown in 20 minutes. We were starving as there was no time to eat after landing in Frankfurt. We scoffed down a sandwich before venturing out onto the dark, wet streets of Oslo to find our hotel. We were tired but exhilarated.

Frankfurt Airport waiting for our connecting flight.
This is how you get some shut eye on a plane.

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