On the southwestern coast you will find the city of Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. Rain has been falling on and off since we arrived in Norway but it has been warmer here than back home in southwestern Ontario. Today is 5C and rain once again. It lives up to the reputation of the rainiest location in Europe.

We awoke refreshed and excited because we are boarding our 12 day coastal cruise later today which is to be the highlight of this trip. But first, breakfast and some exploring of the town. By the way, the Clarion Bergen is a lovely hotel, friendly service, clean. spacious rooms and a fabulous breakfast buffet. It is situated close to the old wharf.

There has been a consistent theme in Norway which is fire. It seems many towns have had to rebuild due to major fires of wooden buildings and the Bergen wharf is no different. Bergen is known for its artisans and there is no shortage of them. The old wharf area has been rebuilt and you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through stores looking for handmade knitted items. The houses are colourful and welcome in this drab weather. If I was to return, I would spend more time looking at the fantastic street art and climbing the crazy hills to more colourful homes. There is also a funicular that if more time would have been fun. It’s called Fløibanen. I’ve included the link for prices and times

The artist Banksy has spent time im Bergen. Apparently the local municipal officials who were against graffiti, removed his works from walls, etc. unbeknownst to the value they would fetch in today’s market. Aside from Banksy, you can find cool street art.

We had our luggage in storage while we explored the city. Upon our return we met a lovely couple in the hotel lobby. Astrid and Paul from Melbourne, Australia were biding their time, like us before heading to the cruise terminal. Around 2:00 pm we hopped into a taxi and headed towards a new adventure.

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