Taking Chicago by storm

We hit Chicago at rush hour so the trip was a little longer than planned but overall quite pleasant.

As we sat in traffic, we cheerfully chatted with Syed, our driver, and glanced at the downtown skyline framed with blue skies and cirrus clouds. We are here Chicago! This is going to be fun!

Made it to our condo which is beautifully decorated in a cross between shabby chic and industrial with exposed bricks and pipes. Time to get some supplies and explore the neighbourhood.

Not surprisingly we found the liquor store/friendly neighbourhood bar in no time. We discovered that what we thought was going to be a Ukrainian part of town was very Spanish/Hispanic/Latino which if you have followed my past adventures is right up my alley.

Our tummies were rumbling and we needed something to tie us over to dinner and found this cute #taqueriatraspasada where we mowed down on fresh tacos that hit the spot.

With the hangries held at bay we decided to grab a cocktail back at the flat and rest for short while before our evening.

We Ubered (now a verb) it downtown to the John Hancock building and flew to the 96th floor to be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city. Couples lined the window edge seats and bathed in candlelight as they enjoyed cocktails. What a romantic place to take your date.

Martinis in hand, we vied for one of those tables and found ourselves seated by the window enjoying the lights of Chicago.

We had reservations for dinner at 9:00 pm at Elske and do off we went.

Dinner did not disappoint. We sat outside under the stars in a bricked courtyard with twinkly lights, trees and a log fire. Elske means love in Danish and the ambiance definitely supported the definition. Warm blankets, love seats and a cozy fire. The food was mind blowing.

Can’t wait for Saturday and the architectural river cruise, Al’s Beef, Millennium Park and “The Bean” and a blues club. Good night Chicago.