Getting Ready – 33 More Sleeps

I can’t believe our trip is approaching so quickly. I have to say it is with mixed emotions. I would be remiss in not mentioning Janice. We lost our dear friend Janice (Sprout) to cancer on July 29th. She was supposed to be kicking off her retirement with this trip. She was an amazing travel buddy and we shared 12 countries together. Having the opportunity to spend time with her in her last days will be unforgettable. I will honour her memory by following through on her wishes for us to continue this trip and have a great time. Sis, that is a promise we will keep! We will carry you in our hearts.

When we lose something special, we also tend to gain something special and this instance is no different. We welcome Jo-Ann to our travel posse. You are such a doll and it makes me all warm knowing you are going to be making this trip with your sister, Yordie. I look forward to making memories with you.

Now is the time to begin our preparations. I have drafted the itinerary and will finalize it next week. I can’t seem to get my head around my packing list though! Add in that my son, Phil, his partner Liana and my grandson Marcus are flying in on Wednesday from Calgary for a week’s stay, Janice’s memorial is on Friday and holding down a job! I guess it is a time to be kind to ourselves when life sends our routines spiraling. This will be a good exercise in being present!

Jennifer, Jo-Ann, Yordie hang on to your hats, the next few weeks are going to go by so quickly. I can’t wait to share the experiences with you!


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