Fall From Grace

Sotiris played his music for us again last night. We danced and sang the night away. It was hard saying goodbye to him as he was is so sweet. We met his friends who are lovely people and fellow musicians and a DJ. Although it was very windy, it didn’t deter us from enjoying ourselves. We danced barefoot poolside with the pool lights moving from blue, to red, to white.

I slept well and I know Yordie did judging by the way she jumped out of bed. Last night’s wind blew away the fog and humidity leaving a bright blue sky with matching water. We finished packing up and set our luggage outside for the porters.

I handed out Canada flag and maple leaf lapel pins to my fave employees and exchanged one with Bojan. I wonder how many propositions he receives from ladies in a season. He will be successful. He wants to work in tourism at a ski resort. He’s a snowboarder.

The tough part was approaching…settling up our bills. Yordie and I contritely walked towards the reception and asked for the bill which they happily provided in a thick portfolio. As I entered my Pin #, I prayed to the Greek gods and The Lord above it said “Approved.” Whoo hoo all was good.

Back to the pool to plop on a lounger and catch those last few rays of sun. Bojan brought us over ice water and we chatted with him about life after tourist season. The hotel closes up in a couple of weeks and will reopen in May.

Lef, our DJ started his shift and I got hugs every time I went by. He said, he was really going to miss us. He enjoyed our love of life. Yesterday, while I was glued to the lounger, he played with my emotions by weaving a story with his music. It was actually quite impressive. I look forward to staying in touch with them all, and they are my new Facebook friends.

Usually when I travel I can leave a place with no emotion, but Utopia was holding me like a sea siren. She has cast a magic spell. She has her hooks in my heart.

We bid our good byes with hugs, handshakes and kisses on cheeks. Kostas forever in guest relations mode, met with everyone leaving to thank them for spending time at Utopia. He is quite impressive.

I met Wayne and Marie in the lobby while waiting for the shuttle. We found out they lived a few streets over on Spruce Needle. Small world! The shuttle appeared, Luggage was loaded and the fall from grace began. Like Eve being driven from the Garden of Eden, we drove up and down hills and up and around bends past barren, rocky land until we descended to the port. Luggage unloaded, porter tip handed out, the door slams and the driver leaves you on the dock. Nobody meets us…we are on our own.

Our large ferry (Blue Star) is moored. We drag our luggage and carry-ons the length of an old cruise liner to the back ramp. We walk up the ramp dragging our bags and shuffle with our heads low into the frenzy of people. No porters, no Bojan or Tasos. No music from Lef or Sotiris lulling us. It has all ended. We found where to leave our luggage and made our way to the Business Class section.

We sit down on the couches/chairs and wait for departure in 5 minutes. Beer arrives, sandwich has been ordered. It certainly doesn’t meet the standards of the rose wine I’ve been drinking. At least there is internet on board for 3 euros.The funny thing no one knows how long the trip is. Our fellow Canadians said 3 hours, I thought it was 5, but apparently it is 8 hours. Oh well. Some passengers grumbled, but again when you get lemons, you make lemonade.

We caught up on some much-needed sleep. Some are reading, others are on the internet and of course Jennifer is networking on the ship. Me, the nap was lovely, but now I’m catching up on the blog.

We should be at the Divani Acropolis tonight where they have a rooftop terrace. Might be our choice for dinner this evening.

For now, we are currently heading towards the sunset. Like the end of many movies, the hero rides into the sunset. These goddesses are sailing towards Athens with beautiful memories in their heads and the reality of home and work creeping in.

I will stave it off for as long as possible dreaming of Mediterranean crystal blue waters, warm breezes and our Utopia.


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