Left my heart in Greece

The goddesses spent one night at the Divani Acropolis and what a step down from where we had been. It had to be expected as it is in downtown Athens. Much of the infrastructure is aging but it does have a spectacular view of the Acropolis from it’s roof top garden.

They put us in the older section of the hotel which is very tired and in need of renovating, but heck we only needed to put our heads down for the evening.

We did plan on eating upstairs on the roof but it was not a welcoming experience. We had spent so much time with the locals, a fru fru dinner was not on our menu. We hit the pedestrian path and headed to Old Town. Men are drawing you into their restaurants, trying to sell you their menu. Jen wanted her calamari before she left. The prices are all pretty much the same.

While talking to Nikos, he encouraged us to come in. An older gentleman who enjoyed a little humorous banter dropped by. He turned out to be the owner. He saw 4 tired ladies and ordered our dinner for us. It was delicious. It was perfect in portion and price. Greek salad, calamari fried and grilled, moussaka, cheese saganaki, gyro with tzatzicki and pita. Tasty treats and all for 18 euro each. 1 entree at the rooftop garden was that. Great value and great service. I recommend Gods’ Restaurant a family-owned and operated establishment with good traditional Greek food. As a matter of note, it has also has recommendations from Lonely Planet and Rick Steves.

After dinner, we walked off our meal and went in search of Brettos the ouzo bar. We stopped into this crowded bar with bottles of colourful ouzo lining shelves from the floor to the rafters. I look forward to seeing the photos. We had a couple of shots of ouzo before making our way back to the hotel.


The bus for the airport left at 9:40 am and we spent the remainder of day and evening travelling home with a short stopover in Montreal.

I felt bad for Jo-Ann having to wait in Toronto for her flight to St. John’s, Newfoundland. She had just flown over it. We hugged her and sent her on her way. Jen, Yordie and I shared a taxi home. What a feeling it was to step inside the threshold of my house.

21 days have expired and things seem pretty well the same as when I left.

Time is needed to reflect on my favourite moments in Greece as there were so many. What a beautiful country and what beautiful people. I have definitely left a piece of my heart there.

I feel so full of love and life today though my body clock is totally out of whack. Thank you to all of our readers and followers for making the blogging experience fun. I hope you enjoyed reading about our escapades and reviews.

A special shout out to Jennifer, Yordie and Jo-Ann for sharing in this experience with me. We certainly have some wonderful memories!

To Sproutie, I did you proud girl by having that beer in every port of call. I’m still not a beer drinker though. Lol I missed you so much, but you were in my heart the entire time.

Where should I go next? Hmmm? Send me your suggestions.

Blessings to you all.

Donna Maria

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  1. I second the choice Donna made to eat @ God’s. The food and family friendliness was the answer to our 8 hour ferry to Athens. After dinner I really wanted to experience. Brettos again, as I had been there back in 2010 after dinner and had a fabulous time. We started out by saying we would have only 1 shot but met so many people from around the world that we ended up staying a couple of hours…it was an experience to remember. The first night we arrived, I tried to find it but we were on the opposite side of The Acropolis….we settled for a beer then went home. I’m sure had we all not been so tired from the ferry ride we would have had a good night at Brettos. I recommend going after a meal and when in the mood for meeting people…a very friendly bar.


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