Did you hear the one about the Newfies, the Englishwoman …

The girls are getting excited. Jo-Ann (Yordie’s sister) is flying in on Wednesday from St. John’s, Newfoundland as a precaution. Newfoundland can get fogged in at this time of year and we need her to make our flight on Friday. It will be nice for her to spend some extra time with family.

There is one thing I know these girls have a sense of humour! Jo-Ann picked up the last few items – Canadian flag lapel pins, travel detergent, hand sanitizer and in her own words ‘new jawers so me arse won’t be bare when I gets back ‘ome”!

Gottsta love the Newfies!

Jennifer our Englishwoman has announced she is now getting ready. She is on the right page and packing has begun.

This long weekend has been a fairly quiet one for me. I am trying to get as much sleep as possible to rest up for this adventure. My son, Philip and his partner Liana celebrated their birthdays this week. I can’t believe Phil is 28! Speaking of age, my 81 year old father joined in on the fun and completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Way to go dad! Anyone wanting a link to the video or pictures, let me know.

Skype – By the way dad, don’t forget to open your Skype program so we can connect while away. You are showing offline.

My back room is chaotic with clothes, accessories and travel requirements. My laundry/ironing is almost done. I have been practicing my Italian, OMG what a laugh! Can’t wait to say buongiorno when we arrive!

Not much left to do other than purge my clothing selection. I will travel light. The count down begins to travel day, Friday, September 5th.

Very excited!

Ci vediamo dopo

(see you later)






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