What happens in Italy, stays in Italy!

After a rest, we cleaned ourselves up and headed for dinner at Trattoria Marione for some Osso Buco, chianti wine and some fun. When we arrived, the waiter put us at the same table at lunch which was a little alcove by the window for 6 people. It gave us lots of room for the feast about to begin.

We ordered our wine and all of us decided to have the Chianti which is amazing. Please don’t think poor of us, but the 1.5 liters was a starter. Fabio sent us over a plate of bruschetta, and then the barley salad, compliments of the house. We chomped and chatted and flirted with Miguel our waiter. Actually he was flirting with us. It was his birthday at midnight and he wanted us come back and celebrate with him. We made no promises, but with each glass of wine, our resolve of an early evening was waning.

Out came the Osso Bucco. If any of you remember Graham Kerr from the Galloping Gourmet cooking show from the late 60’s, early 70’s; he would take a bite of the meal he just cooked, roll it around his mouth and break into a smile. That is what Jo-Ann and I did. It was divine! Is there a bad meal here? I doubt it. Jo-Ann announced it was the best she had ever had, and I had to agree. Essario our handsome, well-built waiter, Miguel our birthday boy and Fabio my new admirer fawned over us like we were Vestal virgins without the vow of chastity. We could stop them with a wave, a smile or a raised hand. It was a lot of fun.

Not to be a party pooper, but being responsible, I reminded the ladies we had a 6:00 am wake up as we were going to Cinque Terre for the day. Hang overs, heat and bus rides don’t mix. They ignored me. LOL.

The second 1.5 liter bottle of wine came to our table, sweet wine with biscotti and of course cappuccino.

I mentioned we sat by the window. Before you enter a new restaurant, most people check out the meal that is usually posted by the doors it will list specials, etc. There were people looking at the menu and I happened to catch their eye. Jen and I started making hand motions that the food was delisioso. They paid attention and came in. I checked in with them later and they agreed the food was amazing.

I looked over to the counter and Fabio was making eyes at me. I made the motion I wanted an espresso. I pretended I was a little girl holding a tiny cup at a tea party with my pinky finger out. He nodded and hopped right to it. Miguel asked us again about coming later to celebrate his birthday. Resolve is starting to leave the body. These ladies are not planning on stopping this party any time soon. Essario drops off my espresso which is usually in tiny cups. I thought he made a mistake but told me it was from Fabio. Originally I thought it was a double espresso. It was double heaven! Espresso with black sambucca, my new after dinner drink. It was delish!

We laughed, giggled and enjoyed the attention but it was time to get. Up and walk around. MaryAnn, I now know why you loved Florence. What a special place – day or evening.

We had our pictures taken with the waiters with them making us promise to come back around 11:00 or midnight. We said we would try but we had an early morning. Fabio put his hands on my face and said you must come backs you are molto sexy. How can a girl refuse that?

We walked the streets with the other tourists and found the carousel all lit up. It was beautiful. Jennifer and Jo-Ann rode the carousel like giggling schoolgirls. We were doing a lot of that tonight. LOL

We met a lovely newlywed couple from Canada. Laurie and Joen Murphy, Laurie is Martin-Murphy and as you would know it, she does work with RBC Wealth Management. Hi Laurie and Joe if you are following us. We really made a connection and hope to hook up for a golf game in the future.

Okay, so let’s get to the good part … Did we go back to the restaurant?

Hell yes!

Disclaimer – the following section is not to be read if you are my father, my children or any of our colleagues lmao

We went back at 11:00 pm and the restaurant was closing. Bottles of chilled Prosecco came out and our spirits were floating like the bubbles in the sparking wine!

Jennifer sang “Don’t You Feel My Leg” and “Ooh Las Vegas” songs to Miguel as a present. We laughed at the entire experience and Jen’s animation. Miguel had know idea what hit him. Can’t wait to see that video! Fabio closed the till and came and sat next to me. He was so sweet and attentive but he had wandering hands. I grabbed his hands and told him to keep them on the table where Ii could see them. He listened…well mostly, lmao? One observation – the men in Italy all have beautiful leather shoes and smell sooooo good. These fellas were no different. We asked them about living in Italy, marital status, ages, etc. We’ll just say everyone was of the age of consent, and leave it there. Yordie was our responsible chaperone.

Fabio played music for us and we danced which was my goal while in Florence. He tickled my ear like he was Eddie Rybacki in grade 7 and nuzzled my neck. It was a lovely dance. We sang happy birthday to Miguel but it was time to get out of there when the 3rd bottle of prosecco was popped open. All good fun!

We made our way home early in the morning and it looked like we had 3-4 hours before wake up call and a day excursion to Cinque Terre.

Pictures will follow shortly.


  1. Hi Yordie! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thank goodness your travel mates have you as a Chaperone…sounds like wild times in Florence….say hi to Fabio!!!!


    • Hi Lynn, you know pay back is coming!! We are having an amazing trip so far. We are flying from Rome to Athens today. Another country, another grand experience!


  2. Oh Yordie what an adventure for you all. How i would love to be a fly on the wall during your dinner and terrace conversations. Have an extra glass of wine on my behalf to toast you girls the best time ever. Look out Greece!


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