Ship Ahoy!

Wimageimageimageimageimageimageimagee were picked up right on time and they sent an appropriate sized vehicle. No need to strap any of us on top of the vehicle.

We arrived on time at the port, checked in and made it through the public health nurses. When we arrived at passport control is when the fun started. As you may recall, Janice was to be our travel companion, and Jo-Ann was her replacement. All the airline tickets have been amended but not the cruise reservations. Janice’s name is on everything. Janice is bound and determined to get on this cruise. She loved boats and the water.

Our Transat representative was not here when we arrived, but we managed quite well. We unpacked, gathered at the correct muster station for the life saving drill with our life jackets and headed to the reception to get our on-board credit organized. Unlimited drinks is 19 euro / day.

Today we are heading to Mykonos for the evening and then to Kusadasi, Turkey tomorrow.

After a lunch, we threw on our suits and started the cruise experience. Drinking various cocktails, swimming, lounging and participating in the activities. Jen and Jo-Ann tried their feet at Zumba, Jen and I did a music trivia contest and I did the salsa lesson. It was all a lot of fun.

Funny enough we met up with Richard and Andrea on the ship who stayed at our hotel and who we met at the pool last evening. They are celebrating their anniversary and are a fun couple. Jo-Ann and Andrea started talking and wouldn’t you know it, they have a shared friend and colleague. What a small world. Group shots will definitely be going back to Newfoundland.

Dinner was suggested and we headed to our room for a rest and get cleaned up for dinner. Jennifer, however, decided to stay by the pool bar for a while longer and would catch up with us later. I have a feeling our friend Jo-Ann is ready to dance.

Nope, I was wrong. After we filled our bellies with a lovely meal, we found ourselves tired and headed to bed early. Tomorrow is Kusadasi, Turkey and Patmos, Greece.

I heard Jennifer say she was not tired so she went to the bar and met up with an Argentinian couple. It was foggy after multiple cosmopolis drinks by the pool this afternoon. LOL

BTW – the wifi is sketchy and unavailable on board the ship. I will attempt to locate an Internet cafe at the next port.

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  1. Oh ladies you seem to be having so much fun. Wish, wish I was there with you. Maybe if I close my eyes really, really tight and make the wish poof I might be there. Ok didn’t work so you have all the fun for me.


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