Sunshine, Sailboats and Samba

imagePicture perfectWell hello there

Bouganvillea blooming

Blissfully Happy

View from our dinner table
Hitting two ports in one day is a little tiring, but these ladies kept up with no problem today. Jennifer by now had a major blister on her toe from dancing on the stage with the animation team. We had participated in a music trivia contest of which she sang the answer “Let It Be”. The cosmopolis’ drinks are yummy and have fueled some entertaining moments. I think by now Jen was drinking Greek mojitos.

We took the tender into Patmos and what a sweet place. It is what I envisage when I think of Greece. Whitewashed buildings, blue shutters, fishing boats, stray cats and motorbikes. We walked along the waterfront and in and out of alcoves snapping photos. I can’t wait to paint some of these scenes.

We stopped at a waterfront restaurant where we met shy Nikos who brought us stuffed calamari, Greek salad, eggplant salad, tzatziki, bread, souvlaki and dessert. The ferrel cats were at our feet looking for scraps. We ended up taking most of it home as there was so much food. With the exception of the wine and calamari, it was 10 euros. What a deal! Good thing we were going dancing tonight and believe me all the girls were primed.

The night before Jen had met an Argentinian couple and danced the night away with a group of newly acquired friends. She was to sing in the lounge tonight with the Cuban band Los Magnificos. This was all a great set up for the dancing, and if you know me, I have a hard time turning down a salsa, merengue or a rumba.

Honestly, I don’t know where the days are going, the sky is always blue, the water is always blue, we seem to always be eating and drinking. Days melt into each other. Sunshine 27 degrees again! What a wonderful feeling not to have to wear a sweater or even a wrap in the evenings. Warm, sunny and blue.

After dinner there was a show in the lounge. We haven’t been to any of them so far, but tonight is A Taste of Greece. When we arrived at 10:15 pm, the place was full. Jen and Jo-Ann found seats closer to the front. While Yordie and I sat happily at the back. The two J’s were definitely in party mode. At one point in the show, they were part of the Greek dancing demonstration. Jennifer’s toe is better today.

After the show, we got caught up in a Carnival parade with the animation team who were wearing boas, blowing whistles and party favours, and throwing streamers. We were directed to the lounge with the Cuban band Los Magnificos playing some hot Latino musica. A very handsome group with bongos, trumpet, keyboards, drum kit. and a beautiful lead singer. We had prime seats behind the band.

Jennifer was invited up and sang Besame Mucho and Girl from Ipanema and everyone clapped for her. Her new friend, Angel from Argentina invited me up to dance and OMG what fun it was doing the Samba. It was quite the workout and I was so glad my knee held up.

We hit the sack around 1:00 am.

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