Great news, we have 965 views of this blog. I look forward to breaking 1000. Thanks to all our followers!

Jennifer stayed on board while the rest of us explored the Old Town. Yes there are many touristy shops, etc. But the remains of the medieval town and the history here is incredible. This is an island I would come back to explore more.

We found a restaurant with free wifi and so tried our best to connect with home. It was a no-go for me, but Yordie had a Skype with Jim and Rambo.

After a mug of Mythos beer for Sprout and a catch up on emails, we headed to the ship to catch some rays by the pool.

I spotted a weather front coming in when I saw a shelf cloud. I predicted a turn in the weather.

Oh it turned alright. The sea turned a deep indigo blue with whitecaps and gusty winds. There were waves in the lap pool and I actually felt like I was swimming uphill. The ship was a rocking. It looked like everyone had been drinking including the tea-totaling religious pilgrimage group.

Jennifer has been voted Miss Congeniality. She has been enjoying the social aspect of the cruise and left the ship only for our dinner in Patmos. The bartenders from Mauritius have been sending her drinks and it is party central wherever she is. The nice thing about this trip, we are doing what we want. If you want to take an excursion, just do it. If you want to lounge in the sun, you can do that too. If you want to party, you don’t have to look too far!

The first sitting for dinner was full and so we stood in line and tried to balance ourselves in line waiting for the second seating. A string quartet was playing in the lounge reminiscent of the movie the Titanic.

Famished and tired of waiting in line for 30 minutes all us grumpy ladies headed to the casual buffet in Leda. We had got all gussied up for our last dinner on board. Oh well the hot chicks wobbled their way to Leda where there were no line ups.

The food on the ship is okay, I wouldn’t rave about it, however, when you are hungry you’ll eat pretty much anything. Food is bland, and meat is dried out. Understandably, they are catering to large numbers and many different cultures. The food on land though has been very good. I’m certain I’m being a snob after being spoiled in Italy. One thing you do get everywhere is fresh salads. The Mediterranean diet is so healthy and my hips are appreciating exercise. I am craving a lovely fish dinner. Jen and I are holding out for Santorini, Greece.

For a while it looked like the gang were going to have a repeat of the night before, but we crashed and burned by 11:00 pm. As I lay in my berth, or should I say, clung to my berth in fear of being tossed out, I fell asleep with the theme song of The Titanic rolling in my head. Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Go On.

On our way to Crete.


  1. You hot chicks better slow down for at least one day so you can really enjoy the late night life. Come on we’re living through you. You can’t let us down. Come on JoAnn I want some real, real juicy stories!


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