Announcing the I’se the B’y Tour 2015!

In 12 days – 4 women (Yordie, JoAnn, MaryAnn and Donna) will embark on a journey of the beautiful island of Newfoundland off the eastern coast of Canada. I’m not sure who should be more afraid. The locals or us?!  lol

Flying into Deer Lake, with the knowledge of 2 of our companions who hail from ‘The Rock’, we will begin an exciting road trip around the island. Only one of us has not been to Newfoundland and so the first order of business, is to get MaryAnn screeched in!

I believe the plan is not to have a plan! We have a car, a reservation for the first night and 11 hours of music…that is it! Should be a riot!

Tune in and check out how we are making out. Share in our adventure, drop us a comment and share with your friends.


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