We aren’t in Kansas anymore!


Yordie, MaryAnn and I were meeting JoAnn in Deer Lake, NL with the rented car. Nothing to report on the flight. It was smooth flying all the way. Yordie is like a big kid and so excited to be showing us her beautiful province.

We arrived around 1:30 pm and JoAnn, Yordie’s sister was waiting for us. After welcome hugs, we gathered luggage and headed for the car. The drive up the coast was spectacular. Gros Morne National Park is so green and you can see the conifers lining the windswept mountains. The wind has rounded off their tops. There was a light rain for most of the ride. Partway into our drive we stopped at the Jackladder Restaurant in Bonne Bay Pond for lunch. The Jackladder specializes in the moose burger which was really good. The split pea soup looked amazing and there was this dish called the Jackladder Mess which I know Jessica McCabe would love – Newfoundland poutine. One was made with ground beef and the other was made with turkey (for those looking for a diet poutine!) LOL.

Marsha, a friend of Yordie, met us for lunch and then we bumped into her husband Gerald. They stop on the side of the highway to say hello! Gerald pulled over, hugs were exchanged and we headed to our next stop. We landed in Rocky Harbour, and had a tour of May and her husband’s beautiful home overlooking the harbour. They were all packed up and heading to Fort MacMurray.

We headed over to our B&B called the Anchor Down. MaryAnn and I shared a room, the two sisters took the other. The place was excellent. Vera and Dave Connors were lovely hosts. We headed into town to the Anchors Aweigh pub for a lively Newfoundland show where we ate drank, clapped and sang along to the entertainment. You can’t beat the people here! They are so hospitable and welcoming. There are a lot of blue-haired people here though. MaryAnn commented that she felt very young. She was right. Lots of senior tours. It was an early turn-in evening but I found it difficult to fall asleep. MaryAnn played with her new phone while I uploaded a picture of 3 beers on Twitter after Ryan (my nephew) posted one from England. I was laying in bed when Ryan and Nikki “Facetimed” me. Ryan is chatting away with me and then MaryAnn leaned into the picture as she was in bed next to me and said, “Hi Ryan.”The look on his face was priceless! I fell asleep around 2:00 am. It was around 4:00 am England time and they were feeling no pain. Either were we! Loving Newfoundland and it’s people!

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