We Found Our Feet Tonight!

Sleeping Beauty – tried to stay up for her chicks.

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Everyone woke refreshed and ready to take whatever the day brings. The weather has been anything but stellar but as we all said if the weather hadn’t been what it was, we wouldn’t have experienced the power of the ocean as we did yesterday. Days can’t be all blue skies and bluebirds cuz sometimes the blue birds leave you gifts. lol

Breakfast was organized in the cafe area of the inn. Rose was our server who I believe also cleaned the cabins and took payments…She was so pleasant, warm and welcoming. MaryAnn went down to the lake and took some shots and I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures.

While we were savouring the one fruit, a lone kiwi in our cereal bowl I watched as “creepy” guy and his wife walked towards the entrance. I warned MaryAnn and we kept our heads down. Oh no, what would he say? It turns out he and his wife were from B.C. retired and enjoying an extended trip. He said he slept well. I think we startled them as they weren’t expecting neighbours. They were actually very sweet. We can’t thank the Freshwater Inn enough for the terrific hospitality and keep an eye out for a recommendation on Trip Advisor! You were definitely a safe harbour for us last night.

On the road again, Yordie asked us if we could go and visit her Uncle Sid and Irene. We agreed, besides, Boom would rat her out if she didn’t visit with him. He hasn’t been well lately, and it would be a shame to not see him. We pulled into a long driveway and made our way up the back porch stairs to the kitchen. Irene had been doing her ironing and Uncle Sid was napping on the couch. They were such a sweet couple. They sat on the couch holding hands and announced they will be married 55 years as of Oct 12th. They are coming up to visit their daughter June in Kitchener soon.

Sid asked if we liked halibut and wanted us to stay so they could put on a feed. We had to bow out as we needed to get to St. John’s to see Jo-Ann who was going to be released that afternoon. He said we made an old man happy. I have a picture of him in the picture window of his front room pretending he has a tear rolling down his cheek. We got hugged and kissed on the way in and on the way out. “Come in love” is a standard here in Newfoundland. Delightful! Irene made sure we didn’t leave empty-handed and Yordie came to the car with a large bag of molasses buns. They were delicious Aunt Irene and will help to fill out my hips were the fries, gravy and dressing have missed. Doesn’t anyone eat vegetables here? Oh yes, potatoes are vegetables!

Yordie drove for a bit and handed the wheel over to me. It was only a three hour drive to St. John’s. We wove our way through Terra Nova Provincial Park and Yordie had a nap. The roads were excellent. Loved the passing lanes.

Closer and closer we drove to St. John’s keeping apprised of Jo-Ann’s condition. Her son Dennis was feeding updates to Yordie. We were all so glad that she was going to be taken care of. Now, our girlie JoJo is into spiritual healing. Now, stop rolling your eyes readers. You know she had pins and plates put into her ankle with only a local! She is a legend at that hospital. She had surgery this past summer with a local and self-hypnosis. Amazing lady! We arrived at her 2 bedroom apartment overlooking Quidi Vidi Lake where we met her son Dennis, his daughter Sadie (adorable) and Dennis’ girlfriend Rina. All were lovely especially Lemmie, the family puppy.

We had a short visit with Jo-Ann after getting her settled and decided to go out for a walk to Quidi Vidi Village. It is such a quaint location with the Quidi Vidi Brewery, boat launch, dorries, and docks. Again, picturesque and full of character. MaryAnn wandered through the craft studio thinking how much her sister Debbie (a talented artist in her own right) would be able to spend an entire day here.

We dropped by a cafe frequented by Allan Doyle from Great Big Sea fame which looked like a nice place to hang out. MaryAnn and I decided to hit George Street tonight. We washed the day’s travels off us and headed downtown with the kind offer of Yordie to drop us off and we would cab it back. Before that would happen, Yordie took us up to see Signal Hill at night time. Wow! what a beautiful view of St. John’s harbour. I recommend you see it during the night time and during the daylight. Very cool!

Side note: My cousin Rosemary and her husband Terry were suppose to land in St. John’s today. They were ending a trans-Atlantic cruise but the ship was re-routed due to the storm. Too bad as we could have met up.

Yordie dropped MaryAnn and I at the foot of Water and George Street. What would the evening bring? Bwahhh!

(Excerpt from George Street Live)
George Street is located in the heart of downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, and boasts the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America. Known as “the biggest little street in the world,” George Street is the predominant home of St. John’s nightlife, and includes some of the most popular award-winning pubs, and restaurants.

It was a cool evening around 9 degrees, a Thursday and 9:00 pm. We decided to hit a restaurant for some dinner. We found Sophia Bistro where we indulged in a little red wine, and a little seafood pasta. It was delicious! with stomachs primed. We walked to one end and came back again. It was pretty dead but then again it was early for the bar scene. The Fat Cat looked promising but music wouldn’t start until 10:30 pm. To kill some time we dropped into Lottie’s for a White Russian. We were the only customers there. Very odd, but the drink went down nice. A bunch of cruise ship passengers came in and were enjoying themselves. We chatted with a lovely, young gentleman bouncer (23ish) who told us how he just loved living here and that he had tried leaving for Alberta but couldn’t handle how quiet it was out there. He missed the constant roar of the ocean. He was practicing making knots…what came to mind was that Sheryl Crow song ‘All I Wanna Do’

A happy couple walks into the bar,
Dangerously close to each other,
The bartender looks up from the want ads …

We decided it was time to find a lovely place to listen to music. Off to O’Reilly’s Irish Pub. We scored a table between the bar and dance floor. There was a huge crowd from the cruise ship and were they ever partying. It was so much fun to watch them. Eventually we were no longer spectators, lol. A man from Victoria, BC. came over to us and was so obnoxious. When he found out we were from Ontario he put us all in one basket and was just plain rude. We ended up nicknaming him Victor/Victoria. The ladies around us were feeling no pain. Darlene was from St. John’s and Jane was from Calgary. Jane kept asking if she could leave her purse or drink with us. Then a man came up and did the same thing a couple of times and then went and danced. On his third time coming over he asked me to dance. I had just finished saying to MaryAnn that it would be nice to meet someone who can dance. I mean really dance. This man fit the bill and I think I must have had a look of shock on my face that MaryAnn video taped it. I had a ball. From that moment onwards we were on the dance floor clapping, singing and chatting with the other patrons. We found our feet!

Fast forward to 2:45 am quietly entering the apartment after our taxi ride home. Trying to be quiet after a few drinks is almost impossible, but our Yordie was sleeping on the couch and she didn’t even budge. Turning off the lights we readied ourselves for bed and fell asleep to the sound of the breeze over Quidi Vidi.

We are so happy that Jo-Ann came through surgery just fine and happy we can spend the last two days with her and her Percocets. Thank you so much for giving us a place to live. We love you JoJo!

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