Northeastern Avalon – Another Circle!

Hard to believe this tour is winding down. We have met so many interesting people and have seen such beautiful places. Today was not going to be any different. After a quick breakfast we hopped back into the car and headed out for another adventure. Today we are heading to Portugal Cove on Conception Bay to look for the cemetery of the original Portuguese settlers. MaryAnn’s father has been asking MaryAnn about Portugal Cove almost every day and so we wanted to ensure she made it there.  This is also where Dennis (JoAnn’s son) is renovating an original salt box house. We wanted to see that also. Dennis recommended we visit Bauline and Yordie wanted to do the Northeastern Avalon Peninsula around Pouch Cove.  There is so much to see!  That was the plan for the day.

The temperature has been hovering at a balmy 9 degrees with a little drizzle. Sun tries to peek through but changes it’s mind. RFD is what they call it here.  Rain, fog, drizzle.  We are definitely experience RFD!  The incredible scenery and beautiful people make up for it all!

We head to Portugal Cove and locate West Point Cemetery very quickly with the keen navigational skills of MaryAnn and her new smartphone. We spent a few minutes walking around the cemetery and reading plaques and taking photos of her in front the signs. It was wonderful to hear her tell her father that she had finally made it there. We send our love to Mr. Bianco.


Next is a drive by Dennis’ home in Portugal Cove. What a beautiful location and the home already looks great. Can’t wait to see pictures of the insides (before and after). Dennis was not home, perhaps tomorrow we can get inside.

Dennis' new reno project in Portugal Cove, NL
Dennis’ new reno project in Portugal Cove, NL

Off to Bauline and up to Pouch Cove which was again spectacular and down through Flat Rock and Torbay. Hey MaryAnn we did another circle!  The fishing villages are so quaint but not a lot of action on the docks.

We headed back into St. John’s and stopped into Ches’ Fish and Chips for another great meal. They are famous for their fish and once again didn’t disappoint. At this point we have just given into the fact that eating clean was not going to happen this week. Even though we are eating fish every day. Fish, fries, gravy and dressing! Yum!

You have to visit Ches' Fish and Chips! Yummy!
You have to visit Ches’ Fish and Chips! Yummy!

Off we went to see Petty Harbour which was absolutely stunning as you enter the village. Houses are clinging to the side of the rocks and little boats are rocking on the water. The sun is starting to show it’s face and the water is starting to change from black, grey to more blue.  We get out of the car to take some shots. MaryAnn spots a docile-looking husky on the driveway of one of the houses across the street. She goes over to take a picture oohing and aahing about how adorable he is. As soon as she turns her back the dog starts running and barking down the driveway and she ran like a bat out of hell squealing! It was pretty funny. Thankfully the dog was on a leash, just a long leash because it almost made it to the end of the driveway. Remember the cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn and the dog. Sort of like that! lol

Petty Harbour



As we wound our way back towards St. John, Yordie asked me what I thought about going to Cape Spear. The skies were looking like they were going to clear. I agreed and since we had both been there before we were giving MaryAnn some teaser stories about Cape Spear so she could get excited but not give away any details.  My belly was full from the fish and chips and sun was coming into the window of the car. I felt like a cat stretched out in a bay window, maybe Garfield. lol I still can’t believe how many fries I’ve eaten this week.  Winding our way up the hill to Cape Spear we arrive and I have to say you never tire of seeing it. Every time it seems to look different depending on the skies and the wind churning the ocean. It was probably appropriate we saw Cape Spear at this moment because those stairs will help work off lunch!

At the top of the first set of stairs is the gift shop which we dropped in and purchased souvenir Labradorite rings. We now have a reminder of our trip together.

The Legend of Labradorite – It is said that while an Inuit warrior was wandering along the coast, he saw that some of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) had been trapped in the rocks along the shore, with the swing of his mighty spear, he freed these lights.

Every tilt of your head produces a different colour. I love my ring and will cherish the memories that helped bring me to this point with my sister friends.

As a return visitor, it was fun walking around again but it was delightful watching MaryAnn see it for the first time. When Yordie shared with her that we were closer to England than Toronto, it blew her mind. Stand with your back to the sea and the entire population of North America is to the west and face the sea and the next stop would be Ireland. It’s a powerful thought. We walked amongst the remnants of Fort Cape Spear past old cannons and took pictures of us inside a window. I love that one!


It was time to head back and see Jo-Ann. She has been texting with us during the day so we knew she was okay. She’s been doing a lot of napping and healing. Thank goodness.

Since this was our last night in St. John’s we wanted to spend it with Jo-Ann. We had covered a lot of territory and resting just seemed appropriate. Besides we started as four and wanted to end that way also. Yordie suggested we go into Bidgoods to pick up some traditional Newfoundland classics for dinner tonight. We all agreed this was perfect. This place is actually pretty incredible. You can pick up your seafood, grab some fresh berries or get yourself a hair cut. This is one-stop shopping extraordinaire!  We found some baked beans, turkey piece, fish cakes and salt pork. This will go very well with our Moose Joose a fruit wine (blueberry and partridgeberry) we bought in Lumsden produced from the Auk winery.

Fish cakes (fried in salt pork) with baked beans
Fish cakes (fried in salt pork) with baked beans
Just chillin’
Healing dessert
Lifting head after blogging
Jo-Ann recovering with an amazing attitude!
We started as 4 and we are ending with 4!
We started as 4 and we are ending with 4!

The evening was so chill.  We ate, drank and laughed all night in our comfy clothes reminiscing about our entire trip. Music was playing, I was blogging, and there were points were we all were just quietly playing on our electronics. I think MaryAnn had a picture of us all heads down. I was two days behind on my blog, and wanted to get caught up as my fans were waiting! Jim (Yordie’s partner) was waiting for the next update.  I managed to get two updates out that night while the creative juices were flowing, the Moose Joose might have been helping.

Remember when he co-hosted Canada AM. You’ve been busy Seamus!

I think we fell into bed around 2:00 am. I know were were giggling. Tomorrow we head home.     IMG_0712 IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_0717   IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0722     IMG_0727    IMG_0731IMG_0733 IMG_0734IMG_0740IMG_0747  IMG_0749  IMG_0724       IMG_0758

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