Dems da breaks!

Rewind to last night…I spent an hour or more updating the blog laying on the pull out couch. I received a text from MaryAnn in the back bedroom behind the closed door asking me if I was having trouble falling asleep. I replied yes. Then she asked me if I wanted to watch television. I said yes. She then said she would be right out. My bunkie mate jumped into bed and we giggled like school girls while watching mind-numbing TV, eating party mix until we were sleepy.

Woody Point before the excitement
Woody Point – no one on the road

While the girls were all getting ready for the day and cleaning up our cabin, our thoughtful friend Yordie went on the hunt for coffee. Very appreciated. The plan today was to visit Woody Point and then on to Corner Brook; a short drive today.


We drove past the Tablelands again today and as I had just read up on them, it just blew my mind that I was actually looking at the earth’s crust (mantle). Of course, when I explained that to the girls they had a “deer in the headlight” look on their faces, not understanding my fascination. JoAnn said she never liked that area as it was barren and boring. Now we understand why David Suzuki had visited the area. It is a scientist or geologists dream.

Before the fall!

We landed in the quaint town of Woody Point with the plan to walk along the main drag over to the lighthouse. This town has a definite arts and music culture with coffee houses and galleries along the way. We made our way to the lighthouse for nice photos of Gros Morne mountain, Bonne Bay and the lighthouse. Taking turns of different groupings, it was now JoAnn’s turn to take a photo of the rest of us. She went up a little incline (no more than 2 feet) to take the shot. As she came down, her Birkenstock sandal slipped on the wet ground and her foot went underneath her with a snap! I saw my camera hit the ground and thought it was the camera that made the sound. I wish it was. JoAnn had broken her ankle. We sent MaryAnn back to fetch for help. Yordie and I assessed the situation and then made a human chair and carried her out and down the path to where help was waiting. MaryAnn said the proprietor of the Seasode Cafe and his wife were going to close down the store. Only one person was required. Turns out the owner Ken was trained in emergency first aid and took JoJo up to the clinic. MaryAnn and I followed in the car. The doctor was not in Woody Point today. Ken suggested we go to the Corner Brook hospital. Heck we’re going that way anyway!

Heading to Cornerbrook

We gingerly placed JoAnn in the back seat raising her foot with a big bag of ice. OMG, three control freaks and a patient! Three of us clambering to make sure she was comfortable. Wincing along with her every time she moved her foot. Yordie took over the driving responsibilities. After filling up, and grabbing a coffee, through the mountains we descended out of Gros Morne National Park off to the hospital. It was a quieter and definitely more somber ride, but we managed to have a nice drive around  Deer Lake and arrived into Corner Brook (where Yordie and Jo-Ann grew up) around 12:30 pm. The hospital was packed! The wait was long but we caught up on emails, and chatted while JoAnn made her way through triage, X-ray, medical assessment and finally to diagnosis. JoAnn must be an over-achiever…she didn’t just break one side, she broke both sides of her ankle! The hospital would only let 1 person in so being her sister, Yordie accompanied her. Yordie was texting us from behind the emergency door giving us updates. After around 4 hours later we were starting to get giddy and decided to send texts and a silly video to cheer the ladies up. MaryAnn and I were giggling in the waiting room. Heck it was time to make lemonade out of lemons!

After the fall!

Prognosis – JoAnn has to have surgery on her ankle. They put an air cast on her and sent her on her way. She didn’t want surgery in Corner Brook. Being a retired nurse from that hospital, she was able to convince them to let her go to St. John’s to have it done. We are going to drive back to Deer Lake to see if she can get a flight covered by insurance, otherwise we are driving her to Gander where she will be met by a friend to take her home. We will then continue on our way without our good friend/sister. We will catch up again with her in St. John’s.

 image image

After filling prescriptions and purchasing crutches, we found accommodation at the Greenwood Hotel and we are looking forward to having our own beds tonight.JoAnn’s granddaughters Emily and Sarah came and visited Grandma for the evening. We played some music, danced with the girls and gave Yordie and JoAnn some time alone with them.

MaryAnn and I enjoyed a glass of red wine looking out our window on to the street. We were hungry but didn’t want anything too big as it was after 9:00 pm. JoAnn was resting after a bowl of soup and so Yordie, MaryAnn and I headed to the hotel pub for some grub. A couple of beverages, soup, salad and sandwich split between us was enough to fill us up.


The rain (liquid sunshine) was coming down even harder than what we have seen on this trip but we still had one task to complete. We dressed in our rain gear and walked to Yordie’s father and brother’s burial site. After a few pictures of us in the cemetery and walking along the street, it was time to walk back home. The hills and houses are incredible here. The mature trees, and homes standing majestically along the hills are beautiful.  Can’t imagine driving these hills in the winter. Yordie said that having a bicycle or a skateboard was non-existent here with the hills. I can certainly understand this. We are hoping for a nice day tomorrow so we can see it in the daylight. The views are incredible!

Back to the main road we found a bar for a nightcap called West 96. We walked in and immediately felt comfortable with the owners Patricia and Terry. They had just begun opening on a Saturday. Yordie gave them the story of our day and of our trip. One thing led to another and sure enough Patricia knows JoAnn. Not surprised! LOL

We had a few laughs as Yordie sang Sylvia’s Mother. We had a great time interacting with singing Elmo on the bar. I’m sure there will be pictures. Coming home at closing time, we dropped in to say good night to JoAnn.

Tomorrow JoAnn might be flying out of Deer Lke back to St. John’s or we might be driving her halfway home so she can be picked up by a friend. Regardless, Yordie, MaryAnn and I will be continuing on to “The Circle” sad to be saying so long to our sister-friend Jo-Ann.  She had been such a significant part of our tour, but as they say Dems Da Breaks!

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