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imageDay 2 – Woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. Annoyed I didn’t get a picture of the blueberry French toast Vera made. It was incredible. Between the homemade bread, preserves, French toast, bacon and coffee we were in heaven. We couldn’t believe we actually ate all of it. Checking out, it was time to head further up the “finger” or Northern Peninsula

First stop was Lobster Cove Head lighthouse. THe wind was warm, but WAS IT STRONG! MaryAnn and JoAnn climbed up the rocks and MaryAnn grabbed JoAnn before she became the flying nun…well maybe not a nun! LOL. We drove to different look outs and saw some incredible scenery. Before the highway was built, people had to take a steamer passenger ship up and down the coast. One sank off the coast and the remains are still there. Apparently JoAnn and Yordie’s great grandfather was one of the passengers that helped fashion a process to get a baby off the boat and over to land before the ship sank. I could have spent all day sketching there.

JoAnn gave us the history of their family and shared stories of the locals and the land which brought everything to life. Next, we headed to Western Brook for a boat tour. The walk in through the bog is approx 3km. Arriving at the boat launch, we boarded and sat at the top of the boat looking out at the most incredible scenery I have ever seen. The mountains rose out of the water and the wind just howled. The whitecaps were all around us, the water is 600 feet deep in certain areas. While sitting upstairs we hit a couple of waves and the spray came over the bow and hit us in our faces. It wasn’t really cold, just a shock when it hit. We laughed and the guy in front of us commented that it was just his luck he was sitting in front of the rowdy section.

I highly recommend Bon Tours Western Brook boat tour. The severe cliffs, the cascading waterfalls and the after effects of rock slides were spectacular. MaryAnn got to see a couple of moose.  They were more dark brown blobs on the horizon, but she at least got to see one. We are hoping to see more along the trip, but today is the opening season of moose hunting and Gerald says that as soon as they hear a gun, they go deep into the bush. Run Moose!

After the boat tour we walked back 3 km to the car in a light rain. We saw the sun peak through, but it was very brief. Marsha had joined us on the tour and JoAnn headed to Shallow Bay to catch up on some work. Marsha drove us to Parsons Pond where we had a bowl of amazing turkey soup at the Sunshine Bakery. Fresh homemade buns accompanied the soup, and OMG biting into the bun with warm butter melting was comfort food extraordinaire.

We heard that Gerald was moose-less today and it was his birthday. We stopped into their trailer at Three Mile Rock to say hello and find out what the plan was for later on. Gerald and Marsha are looking for a 5th Wheel hook up for their pick up truck so they can move their trailer from its present location. Apparently the wind blows so hard it can take the trailer and throw it down the cliff. Good idea guys! It was time to go and see what Jo-ann was up to at the cabin in Shallow Bay. She was in her pajamas all cozy and relaxed. The plan was to have dinner at Neddy’s overlooking the water and head to the bar for karaoke.

We checked into the Shallow Bay Cottages, freshened up and headed over to the restaurant for dinner with Gerald, Marsha and Gerald’s sister Bobbi. Okay, you need a detailed organization chart, a degree in genealogy and an account with Ancestry.com to figure out the lineage over here. To make it simple, everyone is related! lol. Dinner was simple and good, but we all new the next step would be utter disaster or a blast! Karaoke in Cow Head.

Let’s go to the bar for a drink someone suggested. MaryAnn had firmly told me she was NOT going out to a bar tonight. “I am not going to a bar tonight!”, she firmly stated. Keep that thought!

I think pretty well everyone had raised a glass to Gerald in honour of his birthday. The music started and well everything went to hell in a hand basket! Only it was all good fun. Our table and the next one to us exchanged songs. Some guy got up and sang Folsom Prison Blues accompanied by a gentlemen playing the Hefty garbage bag. The video is hilarious and I’m annoyed I can’t get it off my camera. Note to self, only use your phone for videos. There was dancing, and laughter all night long. I’m talking about bent over, tears of happiness, stomach holding laughter.

MaryAnn kissed the cod and was screeched in. She looked great in her fishermans hat, and rubber boots as she danced a gig around the bar. The evening ended when the bar closed. Well sort off. I don’t think it did close. One of the patrons Desmond Brown sang this hilarious, naughty song which none of us could get out of our heads.

At 3:00 am I was ready to pack it in, but my traveling sisters were still in the mood to party. I went back to the cabin to catch up on my blog. The girls gave up on me and headed to a porch of a cabin behind us overlooking the water for a nightcap of Baileys. They came back shortly thereafter still singing and laughing. You couldn’t help but giggle at them.

Our beds were a little tiny. MaryAnn, the sideways sleeper was my bunk-mate tonight. Yordie jumped in and we sang that silly song again and giggled until we couldn’t stay awake. Well I waited until MaryAnn fell asleep and headed to the couch to get some shut-eye. The next morning while checking out at the front desk the girls chatted with the manager and discovered that the porch they were sitting on, singing the naughty shanty was actually occupied by a gentleman from Ontario. The look on their faces was hysterical. The man didn’t complain, so that is a good thing. Too funny!

In summary, MaryAnn did go to the bar and maybe we will start having fun tomorrow! Good times, for sure!

Day 3 – It had been a leisurely sleep in and off to Parson’s Pond for a full breakfast of eggs, fried bologna and homemade bread before getting on the road again. I remember fried bologna as a kid but MaryAnn looked at us oddly as we all ordered it. She was a trooper and joined in and was pleasantly surprised it was good. As you would expect, the girls were a little slow this morning, and our driver was suffering, but once medicated and hydrated and we are happy to report Jo-ann has rebounded. Well actually the medication did help but the dose of French fries with gravy and honey really did the trick! Seriously, honey! I tried one and although it wasn’t half bad, I’m not sure I would have a full plate of it.

The drive back into into Rocky Harbour was spectacular. The sun tried peeking through a few times but overall it was grey. It still sounded better than in Toronto.

The scenery today was gorgeous as we drove up, down and around hills with each turn giving you a new, incredible view. We put on the tunes, sang and marveled at the scenery. The look out from Norris Point was awesome, as we looked down Woody Point. I haven’t done any research on the Tablelands but if you like geological formations, you would like this barren area. The hills are yellow and such a stark contrast to the rest of the area. The best and eventually our destination after 5 hours of driving was Trout River. This fishing village located directly on the ocean offers a spectacular view with rising cliffs on either side of the bay. Dotted along the shore are beautiful little salt box houses painted in cobalt blues, oranges and yellows. We walked along the boardwalk and enjoyed looking at the fishing boats. There was a little farm with chickens, turkeys and two calves directly on the boardwalk which was interesting. Odd, but interesting. Off to dinner at the award winning Seaside Restaurant for a fish dinner. Three of us had the cod dinner, and Jo-Ann had the seafood chowder which looked delicious. All was good but even better was the pink, blue and golds of the sunset over Trout River. I have never seen anything so beautiful. I hope to post pictures soon. Internet is sketchy when it is available.

Tonight we are in a cabin next to the river for $30 each, fully equipped and clean. Tomorrow we head to Cornerbrook and visit some of the sister’s family. It is currently 10:23 pm Newfoundland time, and I’m sitting all alone in the living room pecking away at my blog. Yordie and Jo-Ann are in one bedroom and MaryAnn is in the other. Where’s the partyers tonight? LOL

Note: that if you follow me on Facebook you are likely seeing the pictures, so dad if you are reading this, try to log into Facebook, otherwise patience for pictures.

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