An Autumn Day in Belfountain, Ontario, Canada

I love to drive and yesterday was no different. Putting off laundry and housecleaning, and enjoying a well-deserved day off, I headed to Belfountain, ON and the Forks of the Credit River to take in the fall colours. The trees will be 100% turned by next weekend according to the leaf watchers. Here is a preview of the colours. This drive had me reflecting on family picnics at Belfountain, bouncing on the suspension bridge and exploring the caves. Rain was threatening and I hit a couple of drizzly patches but when the sun came out, the trees were on fire with brilliant reds, yellows and oranges.

30 minutes north of Toronto, drive up Highway 10 and turn left following the signs to the Forks of the Credit. Entering from this way gets you the entire experience. Stop into the general store for ice cream or wander through the many antiques stores. What has changed since my younger days are all the ‘no stopping’ signs along the way.  The locals must be fed up with all the ‘cone lickers’ and tourists not paying attention to traffic. I recommend you pay the $10 entrance fee and walk through Belfountain or the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Terra Conservation Area is recommended for fall colours.  Be aware the crowds are crazy on the weekend but this day trip is one you will remember. Bring your camera!

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