Kicked Out Of Better Places

Legs stretching under fresh linen washed in the scent of luxurious lavender with freshly brewed coffee wafting through my window. I smile once again and then chuckle because in 2 sleeps this little piece of heaven will be a distant memory. Replacing the linen sheets will be a sleeping bag liner, and the smells and sounds of other people as they begin the morning trek to find coffee in the nearest town.

Speaking of coffee it is time to get up and explore. I turned right out of the hotel and began walking along rue Gambetta deeper into the Les Halles section. I ended up by the water again and found this cool little cafe where the locals hang out. Some of the men were already into a couple of beers and loudly defending their point of view. I grabbed my “un cafe” for 1.30 euro and found a spot in the  corner of the patio with the sun drenching my skin while the warmth of the thick, dark liquid coated my throat. Good morning Biarritz! I am in love with you.


Biarritz and Bayonne are where chocolate came to Europe so what better way to spend some time than in a musee de chocolat. @Kimici it was a yummy trip and a little on the Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls hokey side but nonetheless, interesting. Samples of hot chocolate, free hand outs, finished off with a trip to the shop. I met the chocolatier and he kindly posed for a photo.

Time to walk off the sweets and back to the beach for low tide. Walking down the cliffs to the beach was a test and today the paddleboarders and swimmers were out. The wind would pick up later but no surfers.

On my way back to the hotel, I visited the statue of the Virgin Mary and said a prayer for a safe trip. That plus my St. Christopher medal travelling in my pack should protect me.

Around 3:00 pm I was starting to get hungry and dropped into the Miremont Tea Room for a coffee and a bite.  The place was busy and looked like a great option. My eyes were adjusting to the dark inside when the manager asked me what I wanted. I said I was looking. He began to yell at me in broken English that this was not a museum and to vit vit vit!!! Waved his hand and dismissed me. I laughed out loud and just left shaking my head incredulous!

No worries. I headed up the street and found l’Admiral a cool place playing smooth jazz where I not only got my coffee I had a dozen raw oysters, red wine and a poached egg in a tomato sauce with Serrano ham and fresh bread.

I walked 10km today and know I should be resting but how can you stay inside on such a beautiful day in such a beautiful city.

I think I am over the jet lag now. After a little nap, I wandered back out and found Cafe Commerce where I had my final major French meal of the week. A half litre of Bordeaux, steak frites with a Gorgonzola creme and to finish off a lovely crème brûlée made. Not the best I have had, but passable. I would say overpriced for the quality. The wait staff are pleasant but they are not knowledgeable. I wasn’t the only patron disappointed. I wouldn’t waste my euros there again, but it does have good reviews.  Rating Food – 6.0  Service /Ambiance 8.5

My  window seat was perfect for watching young fathers double ride their sleeping children uphill with ease. The women are walking arm in arm with berets casually tilting to one side and sweaters draped over their shoulders as they chatter about their days and the tourists are all looking for deals at the market. Lots to see. I paid my bill, grabbed my breakfast at the Carrefour and headed back to the hotel to give dad a Skype and try and get a good sleep. It was great hearing his voice.




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