Logroño- Pinxtos and Vino

Getting ready for me this morning was slow. Diana and Iris headed out separately and after doctoring my feet I believe I was the second to last pilgrim to leave the albergue after breakfast. Even my South Korean roommates were able to get out ahead of me. Today would be a shorter walk, and the plan is to explore Logroño for a day or possibly two.

Today is overcast and it looked like it would threaten rain.  I was coming down a hill when I recognized a familiar stride. It was Maria from Bolivia. I was finding my own stride so gaining on her was easy today. She seemed to be limping. We hugged each other and were companions all the way to Logroño. The entrance to the city is quite lovely past a power generating plant with a waterfall, a beautiful bridge with arches that reflected into the water. In the distance you can see the steeple of the cathedral. Gorgeous!

After a stop in the Oficina de Turismo to pick up a pilgrim passport for Maria’s cousin who will be joining her for the pilgrimage to Burgos we headed for the main square. Her cousin was arriving from Alicante which is on the Mediterranean coast by a car ride share and would be here by 6:00 pm.

We sat in a cafe for lunch and I held another Facebook Live to share the cathedral square. The sun was shining and I feel so wonderful. It was terrific connecting with family and friends back home.

Today would be a hotel splurge night and I was able to find a room at Hotel Murrieta for 65 euros. Basic but clean and no sleeping bag tonight…also a tub. Heaven!

Maria, Sandra and I met at 7:30 for pinxtos and vino. A thunderstorm passed through wetting everything, and I saw the most beautiful rainbow peek between the buildings. The air was a little chilled but fresh.


I Skyped dad from the cathedral and lit a candle for mom, dad and my family. The cathedral was gorgeous. They all are.

The first bar we entered had an array of pinxtos (tapas) and we gorged ourselves. You are only supposed to eat the house specialty and 1 drink and move on. We were so hungry. I couldn’t get the song O Sole Mio out of my head as on the pinxtos board was an item called sollomillo. Sandra burst out laughing when I sang O Solo Me-yo because the board was speaking to the side of a cow. “Mio” vs “Mee-yo”. That dang double “ll”.

We could have hit a few spots but the ladies were walking early in the morning. My fave was the mushroom place.  Three gigantico mushrooms marinated in garlic and topped with a shrimp for 1 euro plus of course a vinto tinto from La Rioja. I held another Facebook Live to show everyone the life in the street tonight and 3 students wanted to participate. They were so cute.

I bid adieu to the girls and retired to my hotel and the coolness of cotton sheets and open windows. On my way back I walked past this beautiful fountain.

No snoring tonight unless it was me but no witnesses! lol

Wishing Maria and Sandra a buen Camino and look forward to visiting you both in Alicante down the road. Salud mis amigas!

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