Getting Outta Dodge

The lights came on at 5:45 am, can you believe it? I managed to get 4 hours sleep but at least it was a full 4 hours! lol Thanks Marie for introducing me to silicone ear plugs, they really work. I find it difficult to go to sleep at 9:00 or even 10:00 pm as it is still bright out.

I had intended to stay in Leon for another day but the city life is a little too much for this pilgrim. The traffic, the noise and the exhaust is overwhelming when you have been walking in the country. I decide to join Marie and Jeannette on the next stage and as my friend Yordie would say, “Get outta Dodge!”

Getting out of the city takes quite a while and it is one ugly, loud, grey walk. Marie is a fast walker and we said goodbye to her as she left the city’s limits. Jeannette is a fast walker too but she always turned and waited for me when it was time for coffee or a bite to eat but mostly I walked alone. Buen Camino is the saying as you pass fellow pilgrims and sometimes you mistakenly say it to a local when you mean Buenos Dias! lol

I did get some lovely morning shots of the cathedral in Leon, the Palace of Justice and this famous pilgrim.

Jeannette and I found this lovely cafe where the barista made us a beautiful cafe con leche with a heart. It warmed our hearts.

There are some interesting signs and even the directional arrows can be confusing. For example this sign says 298 km to Santiago but 5 minutes up the road another sign says 322 km. Still far but nice to be in the 300’s! Those that know me as a meat-eater and maiden name “Murphy” this one made me howl!

And this photo op couldn’t be passed up LOL:

IMG_4987Jeannette and I walked the 22 km to Villadonga de Paramo and found a bed at the municipal albergue for 5 euro +2 euro for the pillow and bed covers + 7 euro for the pilgrim dinner – everything is a la carte but quite reasonable. A bottle of vino tinto 3 euro. 😁

We had a room to ourselves and boy did I have a terrific sleep. Ready for a great day, I started out strong and even found myself keeping up with Jeannette for the first hour until I fell into my rhythm. We made it to Hospital de Obrigo around 15 km when my right toe decided to act up. Annoying when you have the energy but the body doesn’t want to cooperate. I sent dad a picture of my toe. He didn’t quite realize it was my toe, it is pretty mangled.

It was decision time. Should I rest or continue on. Let’s have a cafe con leche and sit outside overlooking the beautiful bridge and watch the handsome cyclists strut by clicking their hard bike shoes against the terrazo tiling. Oh yes and eat tortilla! Just what is needed to make a decision.

The decision has been made: Jeannette will move on and I will stay back at a parroquial albergue with a beautiful courtyard. It was a lovely refuge. Disappointed but not a loss at all.  I met a flock of sheep, witnessed a funeral and was blessed by the local priest. A busy day even when not walking. I discovered I lost my converter back in Leon. I will wait until Astorga to buy one. Being unplugged is a good thing however I use the phone to record my thoughts and of course keep in touch with home and you all.




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