La Portela > O Cebreiro

Life can’t always be rainbows and puppies although I would love to live in that world if only for the puppies. 😉

I stayed in a private room in La Portela which was fine except for the rain, and thunder and lightening and lack of food. Once I checked in, I heard a happy voice yell out, “There’s Donna!” It was Maggie Davis and the rest of the family dropping by for lunch in the cafe below my room. They were heading to the next town. It is always a pleasure to see them. They always make me smile.

My room had a television, so I decided to check out the programs and ended up watching Murder She Wrote in Spanish. What a hoot and it also messed with my brain. I had to train myself not to look at the actors lips and listen to the words.

The storm bellowed all night and sleep was fitful, but I was dry.

The next morning I was feeling a tad homesick and starting texting MaryAnn. She was answering as it was the weekend and 1:00 am. We video chatted and I was so happy when she answered. It was awesome to see my dear friend and talk for a short while. It added a little extra pep to my step that morning.

Today, I would be climbing O’Cebreiro at 1390 metres. The sun came out and the mist eventually cleared away. The familiar birdsong seemed to cheer me on as I climbed higher and higher.  I met a man from Belgium and he asked me to take his picture and of course I agreed. The villages were beautiful with moss covered stones, and some with collapsed rooftops. Even the delapidated looked beautiful. Weaving higher and higher past babbling streams, pastures with grazing cows and sheep. Everything was so green and smelled fresh after the storm. I stopped and had my lunch while sitting on a stone fence. It was a bocadillo of chorizo sausage and fruit. The view was awesome!

I don’t know what time I arrived in O’Cebreiro but I can tell you I was one happy lady! That was not an easy climb! One of my fellow peregrinos took this picture. You can see by my hair, how windy it was.

O’Cebreiro in Galicia has a strong Gaelic influence so the thatched roof buildings and Celtic symbols reminded me of what it would be like in Ireland. The church was beautiful, and I lit a candle for the family.

I held a Facebook Live and had some fun with my brother Kevin and sister-in-law Julie.

For dinner, I ended up sitting with Price, Gary and Jane (Texas flight attendants from Southwest Airlines). They were such a hoot! I ate pulpo (octopus) for dinner. It was delicious! My room was in an old cottage and it was very squeaky. Celta Ventas needed some work as it is a little run down. I could hear the people upstairs. Actually, I could see the lights from the room upstairs. It was a little creepy. I didn’t sleep well at all as a I couldn’t open the windows.

Tomorrow should be an easier day..

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