I left out Ribadiso because it was almost not worth mentioning except I met this lovely girl named Nausica from Italy. I’m sure I have misspelled her name but she was such a sweet, kind young woman who reminded me of a taller version of Penelope Cruz. We chatted about my goal of 25 km and on my first day she clapped and high-fived me in congratulations.

She shared a love story with me that just melted my heart. She found love on the Camino with Derek from California. Derek is a handsome, brooding American writing hopeful who stopped and wrote in his journal as they went along their way. Nausica always seemed to be ahead of him.

We stayed in the same albergue that night and the owner was Italian. He bought the building 3 years ago. It was the old jail. The bars were still on the windows.

Nausica used her Italian smile to coherce the owner to give her a key so she and Derek could attend a music concert in the village. I, on the other hand, stayed back to nurse my sore muscles and shared a communal meal with my fellow bunk mates for 10 euro. The owner made us a spaghetti bolognese that would have made any Nona whip out the wooden spoon and beat you senseless for calling it that. It was edible however and the ensalada mixta was exceptional. It didn’t matter when you were that hungry. The vino tinto was pretty darn good also! 😉

I never heard the lovebirds come in and I expect it was late. Later she told me they went to the supermercado to pick up some food and wine and found a spot in an empty field with their blanket. Young love, sigh!

I hope it works out for them.

Two 25km days in a row!

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