Going for a walk

28912264-Pilgrim-statue-Camino-de-Santiago-Stock-PhotoOne week from today, I will begin my solo quest to walk 800 km across the north of Spain on the Camino Frances (The Way of St. James). My starting point will be St. Jean Pied de Port, France and if all goes well, 35 days later I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

After three years of planning; an investment in personal training, walking many k’s, recovering from injuries, Spanish lessons, investing in 2 sets of orthotics, 3 different pairs of boots, merino wool clothing and equipment on May1st I will take that first step I’ve dreamed of for so many years. All the research in the world will not prepare you for this trip that will challenge my body, my mind and my spirit. Some have asked me why I am so calm. My answer is I’m just going for a walk, mind you a long walk.

I hope you will join me on my adventure. Click on this link to get a birds-eye view to the villages, towns and cities I will be walking through. I won’t be blogging as frequently as my past trips as I don’t want to be a slave to social media but I will be capturing my thoughts and pics of course to transmit to you when the time is right.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you will automatically receive my posts, otherwise click the Follow button on the right side of the blog page to receive updates.

Please share with your family and friends and send me comments and encouraging messages along the way. Depending how the wifi is, I will attempt a Facebook Live event after my dinner and laundry so you can check in and ask questions etc. around 4:00 pm (Eastern)

Here’s a little video about what I’m taking with me. Enjoy!

¡Gracias por todo su amor, apoyo y amistad! (Thank you for all your love, support and friendship!)





  1. Donna if anyone can do this it would definitely be you! I look forward to following your amazing journey & wish you all the happiness in this soulful journey of yours.

    I’m so proud of you & only have best wishes for you!


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