Prince Edward Island – Day 8 – Inn At Bay Fortune, Souris – Fire Feast

First, I don’t know how I ate all this amazing food. Each menu is different depending on what is available on the farm. This immersive farm-to-table dining experience is a must while in PEI. See below for the menu we had that night. I had a few takeaways from the event. The experience is top notch. There is attention to detail not only in the kitchen, but at the table, during the tour and in your room. I felt well taken care of and grateful to have had this superb experience. After dinner, we grabbed a homemade marshmallow that was sprinkled with spices, roasted it on an open fire and made our way back to our room with a full belly dreaming of Farm, Fires and Feast. 🥰🥰🥰. Oh P.S. there were chocolate truffles hanging on our door knob. Surprises at every turn.

#cousinroadtrip #PEI #foodiesunite #firefeast #sustainablefarming #farmtotable

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