Prince Edward Island – Day 8 – Charlottetown>Summerside> Souris

Prince Edward Island is split into different coastal drives. The routes are designated by these cute signs. This one is the Central Coastal Drive with the red sand. It took us from Charlottetown through Summerside where we grabbed a quick sandwich and kept exploring. Lots of terrific ocean views, quaint towns, white churches and beautiful landscapes. Below you can see a sign signifying a person with a walking stick. This is the signage identifying a route for the Island Walk. I’ve included the link to the site for the Island Walk. It looks interesting and one day might take it on. For now though, these girls are about to get spoiled …

with a night at the Inn at Bay Fortune owned by Chef Michael Smith and his wife, Chastity. The evening Fireworks Feast included a culinary farm tour, all-you-can eat oyster bar and the famous Fireworks Feast. Here’s a few shots of Courtyard #8, our sweet room. Wait until you see the upcoming food pics and menu. For you foodies out there, this is extra special. Thank you family! ❤️❤️❤️

Once checked in, we were escorted to our room after a fresh homemade cookie. We grabbed a cocktail from the outdoor bar, met Farmer Kevin and Harley (his dog) on the front lawn for the Culinary Farm Tour orientation. Being the Inn was the farm and beautiful trails to explore. Kevin answered all our questions about the this incredible sustainable farm and invited us to try fresh tomatoes out of the garden adorned with marigold petals and sea salt.

We met up with Chef Michael in front of a charcoal pit where he explained the farm’s philosophy. Use what you grow, nothing goes to waste. They make their own charcoal and on this beautiful fall evening, the air smelled amazing as our nostrils took in the barbecue and food aromas. We sampled oysters (caught in front of the Inn a few minutes earlier) that were heated over charcoal. Making our way over to the oyster bar for some shucking and sparkling wine. Chef and his assistant placed dabs of Bloody Mary ice atop the oysters while educating us on oyster harvesting.

There were appetizer stations set up with maple smoked salmon, pork belly sizzlers, and squash jerk tacos that were all attended to by young apprentice chefs. They did a fabulous job of answering our questions. It was also wonderful to see our youth being supported at this difficult time. Chef Michael said the Inn stayed open longer this year because of the late start and the weather had been excellent. They had to reinvent themselves during Covid. The Fire Feast couldn’t be offered before, so they created and sold gourmet box lunches to keep people employed. We have heard many stories like this during our travels. We were fortunate to be able to attend as they are usually closed at this time of year. I can’t wait to show you the main dinner food on the next post. This is is only the appetizers/cocktail hour!

Before we went in for dinner we gathered on the front lawn where Chef sabred a bottle of bubbly and one of the guests tried their hand at it also. Chef made a toast. His message – be thankful after what we have all experienced, be thankful for what the farm has provided and be thankful that we were all there together sharing in this experience. His toast brought tears to my eyes. Shannon just rolls her eyes every time I tear up. LOL I just feel so grateful to be here.

I have followed Chef Michael for many years from books to television shows and I have to say he was as charismatic and gracious as I expected. If you are visiting PEI, the Inn at Bay Fortune is a definite recommend. The next post will show give you an idea of what you can expect for the main dinner. #cousinroadtrip #PEI #reddirt #foodiesunite #oystersandbubbly

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