Cabot Trail – Day 6 – Birthday Spa Day!

What an incredibly beautiful day. It started with fun birthday wishes and calls from family/friends and a surprise spa treatment. Shannon and I had the outdoor hot tub to ourselves and the pool for an hour. Afterwards we had 2 hours of spa treatments. I fell asleep during my facial and woke myself up with a snort. LOL By the end of the day we were so relaxed. The weather here in Baddeck, NS was warm so we sat on a patio listening to blues music with some cocktails. Dinner was lovely at the Bell Buoy Bistro a short walk from the resort. Note: they don’t have a website, but I have provided the link to their Facebook site. It had live music which always adds to the ambiance. The place was struggling due to Covid and they were doing everything they could to survive. It is really hard to find servers these days. They had one of the kids greeting customers and bringing them to their table. We had a bit of a wait which you sort of get used to these days. The line up outside was fun as we mingled with locals and visitors. Once inside, we had a lovely chat with one of the owners who was waiting tables. There is no diet food here! We decided to just split some appetizers. Hot bruschetta goat cheese dip with deep fried pitas, escargot baked in mushroom caps, crab cakes, mussels. The portions are substantial and the price is reasonable.

It was an early night because we have to catch a ferry to PEI in the morning. Thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes and for making my day extra special. I love you!

Note: We took 6 days to enjoy the Cabot Trail, but you can do it much quicker depending on your time allotment. We like to slow travel and really get to know the area. You can drive it in a few hours, but the best part is meeting the people and enjoying the incredible scenery. I hope you can make it there one day. Goodbye Cabot Trail you will not be forgotten. #cousinroadtrip #cabottrail #fallleafwatch

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