New Brunswick – Day 10 – Moncton>Hopewell Rocks>Home

6:47 am – Shannon and I woke up early and decided to make a dash for Hopewell Rocks as it was low tide. I’m glad we took the recommendation from a lady we met on the plane. As the park is closed for the season, we had a bit of a hike in (2.5 km). There was a lovely ramp that took us down to the bay floor. Walking along the beach is a must do. The red rock formations and caves are spectacular! Flower pot-shaped or animal-shaped and HUGE! We walked 5km this morning before coffee. Luckily on the way back we found the Cinnamon Soul Cafe where we stopped in for breakfast and a well-earned latte. Note: this link is their Facebook site. I had a chat with the owner who was sad to announce he was selling the business. The drive to Hopewell was just over 30 minutes from downtown Moncton.

Note: Remember to check tides time and I would anticipate crowds during high season judging by the size of the parking lot and overflow parking area.

After Hopewell Rocks, we headed back to our hotel to clean up, repack our bags and check out for our flight home. We still had a few hours until our flight so off we went to Magnetic Hill (14 minutes). There is a theme park built around this optical illusion. It has a water park, a zoo, zip line, etc. Thankfully we could just drive in and try it for free. What a hoot it was. Check out the vid below. All this excitement got us hungry and since we wouldn’t get dinner, we decided on a final seafood lunch. Head to Skipper Jacks if you want to fill that seafood craving. I had a lobster melt with poutine. Wow! We filled up the gas tank, returned the car, and waited for our flight home.

Magnetic Hill Optical Illusion

One final note – sharing this holiday with my cousin Shannon was a real treat. I had a great time and everything went smooth. Might be the Murphy organization skills. LOL Thank you to my incredible family for making my birthday so special even while I was remote. We lucked out with the weather and with it being off-season there were little to no crowds. The tourist and restaurant industry has been hit so hard with COVID. We heard some sad stories, but also heard some amazing stories of resilience and how people reinvented themselves to cope with the situation. I was glad to be able to contribute to some of those businesses that suffered. An example would be the lack of staff to help these businesses operate. Not once was I concerned about COVID. Everyone followed and respected the protocols. It sure felt great travelling again. Thanks to everyone who followed us. Thank you to the residents of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Your hospitality was amazing and your provinces are spectacular. Keep travelling my friends!

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  1. I am so glad I’m on your mailing list. That looks like a fabulous trip!!! Beautifully written and photographed. Life is good in Ridgeway. I’m looking forward to travelling again!!

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    • Thank you. Sorry for all the emails. I fell a little behind. It was a fab trip. You will get my Spain updates. They should only be weekly. 😉 I’ve been thinking about you and was wondering how the relocation went. Glad you are liking it there.


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