If you dream it, you can achieve it

Family and friends, you are likely tired of me talking about my dream of living in Spain. Face it, the world has gone a little cock-eyed since Covid, and many of our dreams have had to be put on hold. I retired in 2020 with the intention of moving to Spain for 180 days of the year. During my Covid isolation, I continued to research and chat with people to realize that owning a property is definitely possible, but might not be realistic at this time. Gawd, can I say at this time in my life?!! I’m not old yet!! After the knee replacement last year, having quality medical care has moved up higher on my priority list. The question is, can I get this quality coverage in Spain at a reasonable cost? Hell, I’m on a fixed income now! Why do I sound like my parents? LOL Do I sell everything and take the plunge and buy a property or should I rent? So many questions that need answers. I must acknowledge the current state of the world and the horrific events occurring in Ukraine and the fear that this poison will spread across Europe or even to North America. There are many unknowns, but I can’t wait any longer.

I have wanderlust!

Equipped with some knowledge of the Spanish language, an international drivers permit, a carry-on bag, Covid vaccinations and travel insurance, I am leaving on a 2.5 month scoping trip around the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca regions of Spain. I have been working with a property finder for the past year and on her recommendation will be visiting different cities, towns and villages to see if any of them appeal to me. I want to visit a variety of places big and small, inland and on the sea. I started this back in 2015 when I was in Mijas Pueblo but as many of you know it was cut short with the passing of my dad. I can’t wait to go back to that beautiful white-washed village.

Malaga image by postcardtrip from Pixabay

My first stop is Torre del Mar in Andalusia for 1 month. This location is on the water with a 4 km promenade, that I look forward to strolling along with blue flag beaches dotted with restaurants and cafés. This location is a little busier than I prefer but it is central with great bus transportation along the coast. It is also a few kilometres away from Velez-Malaga where I will be attending the Semana Santa procession on Good Friday that includes a meeting with an “imaginero”, an artisan who creates the beautiful images of the virgins and saints I will see on the processions. With it being Good Friday, no meat is eaten and so I have organized a meal of two typical local dishes (ajobacalao and tortillas de bacalao). The town will turn off the house and streetlights and the path of the processions are lit by candlelight while thrones made of gold and silver are carried on the backs of the members of the brotherhoods. Check out the video in the Semana Santa link above to see what it is about.

I haven’t made any plans after the 30 days, and will play it by ear. All I know is I have a return ticket. I’m certain my questions will be answered or perhaps I will come home with more. Regardless, I am looking forward to immersing myself in the Spanish culture and exploring more of its beauty. I hope you follow along with me. Feel free to share the link to this blog. Enjoy!

A delicacy of espetos or grilled sardines on a Malaga beach by guillermo gavilla from Pixabay


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