Torre del Mar – Orientation Week

I arrived! No issues, just tired. 24 hours and I seem to be back on schedule. Air France was amazing from Toronto >Paris. Pay for an upgrade. It is worth it. I will never fly Air Transat again for a long haul. Charles de Gaulle Airport has some lovely terminals but the processes are a bit disorganized. Still, I enjoyed the people watching.

My host organized Luis to pick me up in Malaga. He was very professional and we communicated just fine. Raquel, the Airbnb host was kind to bring in staples such as beer, wine, milk, and local breads and sausage from the Malaga region. Torre del Mar (Tower of the Sea) will be my home for the next month. No solid plans after that. Just need to catch return my flight from Valencia mid-June.

It’s still cool here 15 degrees but it warms up in the next couple of days. The Alboran Sea is pretty rough and it is mesmerizing watching the waves. I like the sound of the sea as it pulls the water back with a groan. I’m getting some steps in along the Paseo Maritimo. It’s a 4km path with a separate bike trail. The waterfront is so clean and the beach is spotless.

This time of year many of the “winter birds” have gone home and only Spanish locals and new residents remain, so it isn’t too busy. Torre del Mar is a destination for the Spanish to vacation. The population of 20,000 swells significantly in the summer months and I can understand why. The facilities are excellent. The sea, the cleanliness, the many chiringuitos (beach bars) and the services such as change rooms, washrooms, and playgrounds for children and adults would be a draw. I have a feeling this could be a rocking place when all bars are open. Many won’t open until after Easter. I noticed them busily cleaning as many are dirty from the last calima (Saharan dust storm) that blew in a couple of weeks ago. Everything has a layer of red dust and when the wind blows, it stirs it all up. The local municipality is cleaning everything including the streets and fountains. All pools are currently closed but really it is not pool weather. Imagine red mud, red air, yikes! They got two and many who live here have never experienced a calima in their lifetime. My eyes feel gritty from the dust blowing so headed to the farmacia for some eye drops. They did help. I’m trying hard to only speak Spanish when in stores. It’s fun and the locals appreciate me trying.

Cute studio apartment 100 metres from the sea

I met up with Anne-Grete from Norway for a coffee. I met her on the Costa Women group. She gave me a walking tour and invited me to her apartment for lunch with her husband. It was lovely. I now know where to find the bus station, liquor store, food markets, etc. We will definitely get out for a lunch or dinner before I leave.

Los Espetos (swords of grilled sardines cooked in boast of sand), a Malagueña delicacy. The smell of the fires and fish excites the senses!
Taking in the sites on Paseo Larios
¡Disculpe por mi pobre español! It is Paseo Larios
Paseo Marítimo (a well maintained 4km trail lined with chiringuitos (beach bars), playgrounds, change rooms, volleyball nets, and a separate path for bikes. The sculptures, tree and birds are lovely!

I’m already in love with this place. I’ve done my main shop at the mercado and look forward to the big town market on Thursday. I want to share that if you are a senior and have mobility issues, this town is accessible and flat unlike many of the pueblos in the Andalusía region. It is fairly flat and frequent pedestrian crossings. My new knees are getting a work out but I feel stable when walking. Covid is not an issue. You are still required to wear a mask except when sitting down to eat. Many people still wear it outside, likely more for the dust than the virus.

What I learned …

  • Air France Premium Economy totally worth it,
  • Many places don’t have heat, bring a fleece and slippers for floors
  • Before going to the cash, weigh and print out sticker for produce
  • Google Translate is a gift. You can have a conversation and it translates it for you.


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