Ups and Downs

One week in Torre del Mar and my body is moving freer and my energy level is up. Amazing what sunshine and a change of climate does to your well-being.

Unfortunately, it was decided by whatever higher power, I was having way too much fun. I was banished to my room to nurse a head-cold and watch endless episodes of CSI Miami in Spanish for a couple of days. I had my Google Translate next to me and looked up unfamiliar words. Two nights of coughing spasms, and goopiness. I’m all good now, some residual coughing but the chills and aches are gone! I recall my plane seat mate Marcelle sneezing and so I will blame him for the germs. [Alas, Marcelle I cannot be mad at you for too long.]

I made it to the Thursday market in Torre del Mar and it was quite large. I found it interesting the mix between food, spices and clothes. The scent of leather goods from the purses and the belts hanging wafted from tent rafters. The overall environment was fun and the vendors yell and try to draw you into their tents. I love the colours of the ceramics, spices and fruit. I didn’t buy anything that day. This is the beauty of slow travel. You are able to pick and choose and you can always return. Next Thursday I will return and I will pick up some of those amazing Sevilla oranges, strawberries and asparagus.

Saturday marked the end of Orientation Week. I was supposed to be lunching (is lunching a verb?) with Anne-Greete, her husband Geir and Shyam from my online group. I feel bad cancelling, but felt it inappropriate to compromise anyone else.

On Sunday I took a seaside stroll to Caleta de Velez. It is a working fishing port that Lisa (the property finder I’ve been working with) thought I might enjoy. It is a traditional Spanish village and isn’t as busy as Torre del Mar. I like the energy here in Torre del Mar, but would need to look at a different location within town if I was to rent longer term. Looking at the next picture, I will walk the Paseo Maritimo around the bay to Caleta pictured on the right.

Look at that blue sky! People were in the sea today, still too chilly por moi!

I enjoyed a lovely lunch in Caleta de Velez at La Camarote. It was a terrific reward after the walk. Michaela, my server, was incredible and coached me through the menu. I had a beautiful view of the port while enjoying the sun on my skin and sipping my cerveza. The water is so clear here and you can watch the fish from the walkway. I thought of beautiful Emily today with it being her birthday weekend. She would love watching all the fish. I hope she had a nice birthday.

I headed back to my apartment for a short rest before meeting up with Anne-Grete for a cocktail at Café Miguel. I love this lifestyle!

In summary, the first week had its share of ups and downs. The ups were attending the friendly weekly market, temperatures in the 20s, the fabulous services in Torre del Mar, getting to use my Spanish, meeting Anne-Grete/Geir and the downs we’re getting sick when you’re not at home, and the fact that my apartment backs on to a gathering spot for younger revellers that frequent the dance club open from midnight until 7 AM. Although I lost a couple of days, the Ups are winning! What will this week bring?

What I learned this week:

Farmacia – Drugs such as ibuprofen are not sold in grocery stores like in North America. In Spain, look for an illuminated green cross and you have found the farmacia. They are not doctors, but the locals visit them for minor ailments. They can’t dispense antibiotics or painkillers above ibuprofen without a prescription.

Slow down – giving myself permission to slow down wasn’t that hard when forced to by a cold. I have 3 more weeks here and so much planned. Sunday marks the beginning of Semana Santa! Can’t wait to share that experience with you.


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