Fromista > Carrion De Los Condes

The walk to Fromista was lovely and a little shorter today for me. I’m glad as I need to find a farmacia to refill Zantac and ibuprofen medicine. I switched out my hiking boots for my HOKA shoes and OMG what a difference. The gravel pathways were starting to get a bit much for myContinue reading “Fromista > Carrion De Los Condes”

Logroño- Pinxtos and Vino

Getting ready for me this morning was so slow. Diana and Iris headed out separately and after doctoring my feet I believe I was the second to last pilgrim to leave the albergue after breakfast. Even my South Korean roommates were able to get out ahead of me. Today would be a shorter walk, and theContinue reading “Logroño- Pinxtos and Vino”

A Day of Gratitude – Viana

Experiencing a trip like this with so many cultural differences and hosted by such a beautiful country made me feel so grateful.  I decided today I would be purposeful and look for things to be grateful about. For the first time, I jumped out of bed early and got myself out on the road byContinue reading “A Day of Gratitude – Viana”

Alto del Perdon >Puente la Reina

684 kilometres to Santiago After a hearty breakfast of tortilla and cafe con leche, it was time to conquer Alton de Perdon. Like a major project, tackling some of these hills requires breaking the exercise into smaller tasks. I have been finding the uphill climbs easier but the downhills are punishing on my knees. AltoContinue reading “Alto del Perdon >Puente la Reina”