Pamplona > Zariquiegui

708 km to Santiago

I awoke feeling energized and I probably should take one more night of rest but I wantto move. Sue and Ruth had left and so I had had my breakfast, so what is a girl to do?  The body gets used to the moving and the routine. I headed out on the road. Saying adios to Pamplona was sort of sad for me. I fell in love with its charm.

I found this beautiful park in Cinzur Menor and decided to try my first Facebook Live as a test not thinking anyone would be up and to my surprise Ingrid Palmer was. Happy birthday to her daughter Sarah! It was nice to say hi.

The sun is shining, the skies are blue and I’m feeling pretty good today. The task is to make it up and over Alto del Perdon at 900 metres. Up and up and up I go and along the way I have lunch with Christina from Italy. She speaks some English and I can get my point across by moving my hands frantically. She was so sweet. We shared a log, a beautiful  view and ate our lunch.

The climb today was hard and not a lot of relief from the sun. As the path wound up and up (there is a lot of that!) I felt drained by the sun. Looking up to Alto del Perdon I see the wind turbine farm and I known what lies ahead for me when I reach the top. Just as the sun beats down and my energy stores drain I hear whoops from down the road. Ann from Ireland,  Elim/Roger (Sweden) and two lovely Romanian girls are laughing Monica and Christina.

I decided to stop here in Zariquiegui after climbing 600 metres to enjoy the company and save the remaining 250 metres and Alto del Perdon for tomorrow.

We shared a few jugs of vinto tinto a communal meal and hit the sack early. It was a beautiful evening with lots of laugh. I am ready for you Alto del Perdon.



  1. Looks like lots of fun. Glad to hear that you are getting some sleep and sunshine. Those are likely cur-alls for anything! You go girl! Keep on truckin!/trekking!

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